Inspiration in the ordinary
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Inspiration in the ordinary

Everyday items turn into bedazzled artworks at 'La Vie En Strass'

Inspiration in the ordinary

Everyday objects get bedazzled at an eye-popping exhibition by French artist Shourouk Rhaiem. "La Vie En Strass", Rhaiem's debut in Thailand and Asia, runs until Dec 6 at Four Seasons Art Space by Moca Bangkok on Charoen Krung Road.

Finding inspiration in the ordinary and casting it in a new light, Rhaiem's art statement is to imbue everyday objects with a vibrant and extraordinary aura. Rhaiem is a French artist and jewellery designer who's celebrated for her extravagant creations that showcase both mastery and finesse. She intricately combines an array of stones, metals and Swarovski crystals, crafting statement pieces that usually boast vibrant neon hues.

Known as the "Queen Of Bling", Shourouk introduces an effervescent and ultra-glamorous aesthetic through La Vie en Strass, showcasing the art of transforming ordinary objects into extravagant and eye-catching jewellery. She enhances each product that has accompanied her on her life journey, which is sometimes filled with sadness. She makes them shine in the spotlight and thanks them. "Sometimes we experience reality worse than it is, and sometimes we embellish it. The important thing is perhaps to turn it into a work of art."

Among 70 works by Shourouk on display, standout pieces include Parfum L'Heure Bleue De Guerlain, an assortment of perfume boxes from the 90s. Among her early creations is a Swarovski-embellished design on her mother's vintage perfume box, alongside a diverse array of Thai vintage items, such as the Me Cuisine De Rêve (My Drem Kitchen), which comprises 27 vintage Thai items and food products embellished with Swarovski crystals. Think Prickly Heat (Snake Brand) cooling powder, local beer bottles, Hanfa mosquito repellent, instant noodle cups and more. They sure would evoke nostalgia for Thai visitors alongside an opulent vibe. 

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