Exhibitions to end your year in high spirits

Exhibitions to end your year in high spirits

Exhibitions to end your year in high spirits
‘On Cloud Nine’. (Photos: Arusa Pisuthipan)

Looking for inspiration, strength or even a word of encouragement to wrap up 2023 and move on to 2024? Three exhibitions on view at River City Bangkok will help.

Despite differences in mood and tone, the three exhibits all address human emotions -- happiness, anger, anxiety, gloom, worry, fulfilment and sadness, to name a few. They all incorporate cartoon elements (not in a childish way) while at the same time lift the spirits of those who see them through hidden messages and artistic components that are small yet powerful.

Admission is free for all three exhibitions.

On Cloud Nine

Artist: Pasut Wutigornsombatkul (Thailand)

Until Jan 21

Pasut Wutigornsombatkul is the creator of adorable character Tuagom. "On Cloud Nine" takes audiences into another world filled with new and heartwarming emotions. As the main character, Tuagom takes a journey alongside his faithful corgi named Bingsu and faces life experiences, be they loneliness, sadness or solitude. Viewers also have the opportunity to delve into the same world and reconnect with their past experiences while also trying to cope and move on.

Basically, "On Cloud Nine" has one simple message -- everything will be just fine.

'Firehead: Soul Liberate'. 

Firehead: Soul Liberate

Artist: Songsin Tiewsoomboon (Thailand)

Until Jan 7

The exhibition aims to help the audience embark on a journey of spiritual liberation through a series of artworks based mainly on Songsin's characters and graphic novel Beansprout And Firehead.

Through his large-scale creations, the artist believes people's thoughts and spirits can eternally attain freedom. With an intricately designed soundscape, the artworks harmoniously mirror human truth -- dark or otherwise -- and liberate all spirits.

'Cynical Bear Playground'.

Cynical Bear Playground

Artist: Koo Yeon-Mo (South Korea)

Until Dec 12

Cynical Bear marks its 10th anniversary in Thailand this year. First arriving in an unfinished state, Cynical Bear has evolved through five solo exhibitions in Thailand during the past decade. The country has, therefore, become a playground for him where living and life coexist.

Basically, Cynical Bear is cynical towards the world we live in. He addresses social issues, politics and other concerns so dear to everyone's hearts.

This exhibition contains a lot of messages -- many of which are directed towards Cynical Bear himself -- that provide comfort and the strength people need to persevere.

River City Bangkok opens daily from 10am to 8pm. Visit rivercitybangkok.com.

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