Step into the alternate universe of ‘Ready, Set, Love’

Step into the alternate universe of ‘Ready, Set, Love’

Thai rom-com premieres on Netflix on Feb 15

Step into the alternate universe of ‘Ready, Set, Love’

Netflix Thailand is kicking off the year with a bright and bubbly love story, "Ready, Set, Love", set in a surrealistic world where men are vastly outnumbered and women must compete for the perfect gentlemen in a government-sponsored game show.

Though the script may read like Bangkok's dating scene, the series promises to be a fun ride. Directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura, the series blends romance and comedy with a game show element set in an intriguing alternate reality. "Ready, Set, Love" explores a world where women significantly outnumber men, who are considered “national treasures".

In this parallel universe, the government sponsors a game show named “Ready, Set, Love” where women compete for the men’s affection. Day (Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh), an ordinary woman, unexpectedly gets a chance to participate in the competition. Though hesitant, she plunges in and crosses paths with Son (Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen), one of the five bachelors, leading to true love with a twist. As their relationship grows, they uncover a conspiracy operating beneath the surface, posing a threat to their love and the world as they know it. The cast also includes Trisanu “Man” Soranun and Nichapalak “Lilly” Thongkham. 

To visualise what everyday scenarios would look like if there were really such a situation, director Yanyong relied on creative art direction to give the series its unique spin. “What would cars be like? What attitudes would people have? We thought through all these carefully and visualised them in a way that’s distinctive and appealing, resulting in a vibrant and colourful rom-com, where every element in each scene has a meaning behind it."

Yanyong, known for his romcoms, shared his inspiration for creating this series. “I like to come up with plots that revolve around the what ifs,” he says. “The current trend of the female population surpassing males is an interesting topic that can be explored in many fun ways, which I’ve made into a romcom series so that it’s more accessible.”

Beyond light-hearted romance and comedy, the six-episode series also hides a layer of mystery and conspiracy, while exploring topics such as freedom and feminism. “When you watch 'Ready, Set, Love', you'll understand that freedom allows us to do whatever we want. We can love anyone, and we can be any gender,” he adds.

To bring out the laughs, the director went for a flashy look for the series, adding comedic elements in his signature style. “And with six episodes in the series, the format allowed us to explore even more stories.”

While these elements add depth to the narrative, Yanyong emphasises that the ultimate goal is to entertain. “I want the audience to enjoy the series,” he said. “Our intention is to make something that’s really fun to watch."

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