Sala Sudasiri Sobha marks a golden jubilee

Sala Sudasiri Sobha marks a golden jubilee

Sala Sudasiri Sobha marks a golden jubilee
(Photos courtesy of Sala Sudasiri Sobha)

Sala Sudasiri Sobha proudly announces the return of the Sala Concert Series 2024 with a grand celebration honouring the 50th anniversary of the esteemed artist, composer, pianist and teacher Nat Yontararak. Mark your calendars for Sunday, as the captivating "Music From Nat & Liszt" concert takes centre stage at Sala Sudasiri Sobha, located at MRT Phawana Station.

Prepare to be mesmerised as Nat and Pana Yontararak grace the stage, presenting a programme that beautifully intertwines Nat's musical talent with the iconic compositions of Hungarian maestro Franz Liszt. The evening kicks off with Liszt's Étude de Paganini No.5, showcasing the virtuosity and technical prowess shared by both Yontararaks and Liszt. As the performance unfolds, Liszt's interpretations of Wagner's masterpieces, including Spinnerlied and the Phantasiestück Uber Motive Aus Rienzi, will further enchant the audience.

At the heart of the concert lies the shared musical language of Nat and Franz Liszt, two extraordinary composers and pianists. Their mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of classical music is evident in their innovative interpretations and technical mastery. Through the piano, both artists express their musical vision, blending classical brilliance with personal flair.

A highlight of the evening is Nat Yontararak's own composition, the Piano Sonata No.1 Glory To Our Great Kings which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This piece, a testament to Yontararak's compositional genius, pays homage to the grandeur of Thailand's monarchs. The "Music From Nat & Liszt" concert promises to be a celebration of two remarkable musicians united by their passion for pianistic exploration and innovation.

Adding to the richness of the repertoire, the audience will also have the privilege of experiencing the talents of Pana Yontararak, the first Thai pianist to graduate from a prestigious Italian conservatory with top honours. As the educational director of Nat Studio, Pana continues the legacy of excellence established by Nat Yontararak himself.

"Music From Nat & Liszt" concert will be held at Sala Sudasiri Sobha, Chatuchak (MRT Phawana). Tickets are 500-2,500 baht, available at For more information, call 063-358-4005.

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