Photographer explores the soul of Bangkok

Photographer explores the soul of Bangkok

Photographer explores  the soul of  Bangkok
Nutch Noodles Bang Ko Bua Pier by Ulf Svane. photo courtesy of Ulf Svane

The charm of many old and authentic Bangkok communities is portrayed through the lens of award-winning Danish photographer Ulf Svane during "Bangkok Archive", which is running at C43: Fashion and Inspiration Space, until March 19.

This is a documentation project by Svane who, driven by his curiosity and love for the bustling city, visited many traditional shops and businesses and talked to the people who have kept them alive amidst many changes the city is facing.

Rapid economic development has put these places under threat of gentrification, relocation and closure. An increasing number of newcomers with new demands and lifestyle each year unavoidably cause the city to lose some of its distinct cultural and historical identity. The ensuing refurbishment and demolition has an impact on the cityscape.

At the same time, rising house prices in the city centre have pushed a large group of people further out into the suburbs. Gone with them are their traditional shops and small businesses, not to mention the disappearance of the unique atmosphere of each community.

Traditional places to meet, eat and drink with friends and family like in the old days are at risk of disappearing, alongside old-style tailor shops and barber shops.

This project aims to ensure a memory of such places and the personal narratives that hide in plain sight depicted in the photographs captured by Svane.

The exhibition encourages viewers to be aware of the changes and ask themselves what they want the city to be like in the future.

C43: Fashion and Inspiration Space is located at Charoen 43 Art & Eatery, Charoen Krung Road, and opens Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 7pm.

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