Redefining the traditional meaning of art

Redefining the traditional meaning of art

Redefining the traditional meaning of art
A painting by Morakot Ketklao. ATTA Gallery

Atta Gallery invites art lovers to reconsider traditional definitions of art and bridge the gap between art practices during "Seam-less" which is running until April 14.

This is a duo exhibition that aims to challenge binary art perceptions of works by Katja Prins, a Dutch jeweller and artist who combines diverse materials to craft unified pieces, and Thai artist Morakot Ketklao who draws from her upbringing in crafts and formal fine arts education.

By spotlighting interdisciplinary artists whose works seamlessly merge opposing materials and practices, the showcase prompts reflection on how diverse elements converge to form new, unified "matter" with its unique value, properties, and cultural significance.

When contrasting materials or artists from disparate backgrounds exhibit together, it sparks a fresh dialogue and offers a novel perspective, encouraging viewers to explore the artworks individually and as a collective whole.

This cross-disciplinary exhibition showcases Prins' jewellery and wall art alongside Morakot's paintings and painting installations, fostering a dialogue among the artworks, allowing viewers to perceive relationships within the exhibition.

A creation by Katja Prins. photos courtesy of ATTA Gallery

Both artists eloquently demonstrate in their works how the seam or junction between distinct materials and practices leads to seamlessness, evident in both their art and artistic approaches.

By juxtaposing these artists and their works, the exhibition seeks to dissolve boundaries between art practices, encouraging audiences to appreciate diverse art forms without predetermined hierarchies or binary classifications commonly observed in the region's art scene.

Atta Gallery is located at Warehouse 30, Charoen Krung 30, and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 1-6.30pm.

Visit or call 061-861-6824.

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