Artists unveil their visions of the future

Artists unveil their visions of the future

Artists unveil their visions of the future
(Photo courtesy of Bangkok Art and culture Centre)

Art lovers are invited to enjoy new artistic experiences and understand new perspectives of eight emerging artists during "Early Year Project # 7: A Change In The Paradigm", which is running at the Main Exhibition Gallery, 7th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, until April 21.

This is the seventh edition of the project for young artists by the art centre with support from Toshiba Thailand. The aim is to embed and connect the rising artists' network and emphasise the exchange of dialogues between the artists, committees and relevant personnel to take group exhibitions forward professionally and efficiently.

More than 80 artists were chosen in the previous six editions. This time around, eight successful candidates get their chance to propose critical solutions pertaining to the surrounding context to which they fuse art, opening the curtain for audiences to think about new possibilities.

The artist line-up includes Kanokwan Sutthang who presents adulterated matters found during rice production and the comparison of access between local and city consumers; Jakkrapan Sriwichai who presents his assumption of the quality of transportation in Chiang Mai; Natnapat Kullananant who applies the fusing glass technique to provide a new angle for people to see with glass bottles; and Donruedi Bunkaeo who aesthetically and historically researched the origin of malachite, the mineral prevalently used in all regions around the world.

Also displayed are contemporary artworks by Nakarin Punyawong who flags his curiosity towards the visual perception between the analogue and digital world; Nordiana Beehing who created a life-long learning method after experiencing grief from the loss of her loved ones due to Covid-19; Benjarat Aiemrat who unveils the identity and relationship between water and people; and Vacharanont Sinvaravatn who uncovers his perspectives towards the Altai mountains and their natural beauty.


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