A fusion of art and myth

A fusion of art and myth

A fusion of art and myth
Artwork by Giacomo de Pass. photo courtesy of SAC Gallery

Renowned painter and sculptor Giacomo de Pass, who rose to fame in 60s and 70s in Paris, is staging a stunning new exhibition that marks his first time in the Kingdom, at SAC Gallery from Saturday until May 4.

Titled "The Visitors", the exhibition will take viewers on a captivating journey and immerse them in a boundless world of imagination where myths are reborn, forgotten and rediscovered.

After a long hiatus, the expressionist master explores the exotic land of Thailand. Amid the global pandemic, he created a new body of work reflecting his boundless energy and creativity, showcasing his unique style more than ever before.

The result is a collection of 31 vibrant gouche and mixed media works -- large, medium and small. Celebrated for his mastery of colour and light, De Pass' paintings will transform the exhibition space into a world brimming with his imagination and memories, and take everyone to encounter mythical creatures, half-human and half-beast, neither wholly animal nor human, moving freely on the canvas.

These fantastical beings embody Thai legends and mysterious beliefs and invite viewers to delve deeper into their captivating narrative. Beyond the initial cartoon-like whimsy, the works showcase the lifeblood of an artist who refuses stagnation but hungers for new possibilities.

Look closer and discover the captivating dance between tradition and innovation. See ancient myths like the Naga and Kinnaree transfigured while unicorns, Donald Duck and other childhood marvels awaken.

Witness De Pass' brushstroke breathe life into timeless myths proving that Thai traditional art can electrify the present and is not a relic of the past.

De Pass has been creating art for over 70 years. His work is held in prestigious collections worldwide including in the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, City of Buffalo, Lincoln Center, Art Museum in Malta and Art Museum in Marrakech.

The opening reception is on Saturday at 5pm. SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit Soi 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

There is no admission fee. Visit sac.gallery or call 02-258-5580 ext 401.

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