A Coca-Cola culinary collab

A Coca-Cola culinary collab

Thailand gets hyped with F.hero and chef Pom

A Coca-Cola culinary collab

Coca-Cola just dropped Foodmarks in the Asean and South Pacific region, and it is next level.

Foodmarks is all about creating a cultural movement that celebrates local flavours and rhythms. For Coca-Cola, it's all about uncovering hidden gems in your city. Turning legendary food shops that have been cookin' up magic for generations into epicentres of real magic. Think epic eats, unforgettable nights with your crew, great beats, and the perfect ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola to fuel it all.

Thailand is kicking off Foodmarks with a music video that'll have you craving all the street food while bopping your head. Titled "Epic Night Out”, the video features the legendary Thai rapper F.Hero and the OG foodie boss, chef Pom.

Originally composed by F. Hero, the lyrics are peppered with famous street food delicacies and locations where Thailand's Gen Zs often frequent. The music video tells the story of two legends meeting for the first time and having an epic night out with Bangkok street food and ice-cold Coca Cola. Badmixy, one of the most trending influencers in Thailand and well-known for documenting the latest food and beverage trends in the country, also joins in the fun with a cameo appearance in the film. A trail of Easter eggs in the film is sure to surprise and excite fans.

According to TeeJae Sonza, Coca Cola’s senior director, marketing, “By blending the scene's culinary attributes as represented by chef Pom with one of the hottest names in the Thai music scene, F.Hero, we hope to provide fresh ways for Gen Z trailblazers to bring their tribe together to enjoy and vibe with these often-iconic food destinations.” 

The dream team, along with F.Hero's fashion-forward Coke Cutlery Crew (it's a vibe!) in this MV takes you on an exciting ride through Bangkok's electrifying street food scene. Get ready for drool-worthy close-ups, a catchy #CokeFlip dance move you gotta learn and even custom Coca-Cola tuk-tuks because why not? The "Epic Night Out" is just the appetiser for the Coca-Cola Foodmarks experience. There's more exciting happenings to hit the streets such as Interactive Food Fests where Bangkok's vibrant street food scene gets an epic audiovisual takeover in April Get ready for a mind-blowing sensory experience that'll leave you hungry for more.

Watch the music video here youtube.com/watch?v=t-ZaL_Ad9fQ.

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