Embrace human diversity at Muebon's latest show

Embrace human diversity at Muebon's latest show

The short-run exhibition is on until Friday

Embrace human diversity at Muebon's latest show

Sanctuary Gallery will host the inaugural exhibition of a new series titled "The Analogous Sphere" by noted Thai street artist Muebon, which translates to restless hands that tend to create a mess.

The anonymous artist is known for his signature character Crow and the Mickey Mouse-esque skull. His latest collection features a diverse array of artworks, ranging from paintings, sculptures and plush dolls, and is on display at the Bangrak Central Post office, on Charoen Krung Road, until March 22. 

Street artists Alex Face and Muebon.

“‘The Analogous Sphere' is akin to embarking on an adventure into the uncharted territory, where the boundless expanse of the cosmos unfolds before us. This exhibition presents an array of objects with diverse shapes, sizes, as well as compositions, alongside life forms that defy convention. Exploring this celestial realm unveils the vast, intricate and beautiful expanse of the universe. Embracing diversity reveals the complex tapestry of humanity, challenging all forms of biases or prejudices. It beckons us to appreciate and honour a myriad of perspectives, further inspiring us to venture into a collective expedition of our shared planet,” said the artist about his work. 

His signature Crow character has been interpreted through various mediums. Donning a cool space suit with an old-school suitcase in hand, he becomes the main protagonist in a colourful space journey during, which he encounters curious characters and befriends them along the way. Behind these cute characters, lies a solemn message.

“The courageous souls who dare to venture beyond the boundaries of our world find themselves enveloped in the diverse spectrum of humanity. Embracing the unknown and welcoming the unfamiliar, they embark on an excursion of comprehension, empathy, as well as collective evolution. This propels us all towards a future where reverence for cohabitation and admiration for diversity are paramount. Interacting with individuals of different races, cultures, and beliefs enriches our appreciation of the intricate and multifaceted beauty of humanity.”

Muebon often has something to say through his work but he sugarcoats his messages by saying them through his cute characters.

Outside Thailand, Muebon is recognised for his collaborations with prestigious brands such as Hermès in Melbourne, Australia, and his notable contributions to the World Cup wall in Moscow. He also has showcased his talents with solo exhibitions at Gallery Ether Tokyo twice. Most recently, he participated in showcasing his works at the “PSG Event in Bangkok,” which was hosted by the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in partnership with beIN Sports. 

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