Say hello to another you

Say hello to another you

Say hello to another you
Paintings by Pang Torsuwan. (Photo courtesy of Central: The Original Store)

Three passionate female artists invite everyone to discover a version of yourself at "Another Me" which is running at the Event Space, 3rd floor of Central: The Original Store, Charoen Krung Road, until April 28.

The group exhibition inspires viewers to greet themselves with "How are you, another me?". This is based on the fact that we're living in a world where there are a lot of things that drive us insane and where judgements, comparisons and expectations abound.

So, it is not surprising that while we are in the company of different types of people, we often display alternate versions of ourselves -- the other selves that we carry inside us all, and when we are alone, there is yet "another me".

The art show is conceived by new generation artists -- Buakow Phasom, who has always loved to sketch since she was young and lovingly puts her heart into each piece of artwork; Suvimol Pongsamrit, who has exhibited both locally and internationally; and Pang Torsuwan, who began working in advertising and marketing but turned to painting because of her love of art since childhood.

With the aim to inspire others to discover their innermost thoughts and emotions of "another me", the trio have created over 20 artworks including oil and acrylic painting techniques to evoke in viewers the intense feelings of the "other self" that we all carry inside or "another me" that is free, "another me" in the mind, and "another me" in the imagination.

The exhibition is open for public viewing Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, free of charge.

Visit or call 02-267-0412.

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