Explore a utopian realm through art

Explore a utopian realm through art

Explore a utopian realm through art
A painting by Nawat Cubic. (Photo: River City Bangkok)

Art enthusiasts are invited to dive into the utopian realm presented through the perspectives of four emerging artists during "Utopia", which kicks off today and runs until April 21, at Room 249 of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24.

On display are captivating works crafted by Panicha Saengthongaram, aka Beya, Chonnapas Yokyai, Nontakorn Vachirakosri, aka Keng Jeans, and Nawat Cubic, who weave tales that emanate from the depths of their imaginative souls, fuelled by the challenges unfolding in the society they inhabit.

In this capitalist world that shatters dreams and bestows privileges upon beauty and the loss of freedom, the four talents don't give up and, instead, turn to sculpt a new world from the canvas of their own imagination.

It's a utopia imagined as an idealistic society free from dissent, conflict and the creation of pain. It's also a flawless society that we understand could never truly exist but may serve as a refuge and solace for those disillusioned with the harsh realities of the world.

Viewers will explore a profound and enigmatic meaning that lies beneath the surface of Beya's paintings in the Out Of The Box series which speak of breaking free from the confines of frames or the unseen shackles that bind us.

Inner Child by Keng Jeans. photos courtesy of River City Bangkok

Inspired by her endeavour to find an answer to the gender divide with the societal framework she confronts, Chonnapas invites viewers to interpret her vibrant and surrealistic paintings and subtly veiled figurines through their own personal experiences.

While Keng Jeans' Inner Child reflects the depths of a childhood psyche brimmed with pure souls and boundless imagination of an artist's creative essence that often fades away when they grow older, Nawat portrays the various elements he sees around him in his daily life through beautiful geometric shapes.

There is no admission fee. Visit rivercitybangkok.com or call 02-237-0077.

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