K-pop group NCT Dream announces two Bangkok concerts for June
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K-pop group NCT Dream announces two Bangkok concerts for June

K-pop group NCT Dream announces two Bangkok concerts for June
NCT Dream. (Photo courtesy of SM True)

K-pop's popularity has soared with more K-pop groups holding concerts at Thailand's largest stadium, Rajamangala Stadium. NCT Dream, a well-known K-pop group, recently announced that they will perform at Rajamangala Stadium as part of "2024 NCT Dream World Tour <The Dream Show3: Dream( )Scape> In Bangkok" on June 22 and June 23. However, details about concert tickets have not been revealed yet.

Before they hit the stage in Thailand, the seven-member group released the album, Dream( )Scape, for their world tour. NCT Dream is known for music that captures the vibrant energy and youthful experiences of teenagers. However, Dream( )Scape delves into dark and difficult situations as the group searches for their ideal world. The concept is further explored in four video teasers titled ( )Scape Film, where members are depicted living in a confined space, forced to participate in unwanted activities before escaping towards freedom. This relatable content is likely to resonate well with their young fan base.

The title track, Smoothie, is a hip-hop dance song featuring a unique bass line, lively snare drum beats and catchy, repetitive vocals. The lyrics use a smoothie metaphor to depict the process of overcoming negative emotions. They imagine blending all their negative feelings and consuming them like a smoothie. The choreography for Smoothie is powerful and dynamic, with sharp movements to captivate audiences.

Box is a captivating song that grabs listeners from the very first note. Its infectious hip-hop melody paired with NCT Dream's harmonious vocals express their desire to break free from limitations and is a truly melodious experience.

Unknown is an R&B pop song that encourages listeners to be brave and express their true desires.

Both the music and lyrics of the album, Dream( )Scape, are intriguing. Their fans can enjoy listening to the album repeatedly before seeing them in person at Rajamangala Stadium.

For more information about NCT Dream, visit Facebook and Instagram @SMTrueThailand.

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