Explore a world of cross-cultural imagination at 333Gallery
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Explore a world of cross-cultural imagination at 333Gallery

Explore a world of cross-cultural imagination at 333Gallery
(Photo courtesy of facebook.com/333GalleryGroup)

Art toy lovers are invited to immerse in a world of whimsy and imagination during "Cross Encounter", which is running at 333Gallery until May 5.

This is a groundbreaking collaborative effort that brings together 28 artists from Korea, Japan and Thailand to offer a fresh approach to artistic expression and a striking fusion of creativity.

The heart of the exhibition lies in its blend of art toy and painting, serving as conduits for cultural exchange and dialogue. Up to 18 Korean artists, two Japanese artists and eight Thai artists converge to infuse these mediums with their distinctive perspectives, weaving intricate narratives of shared heritage, folklore and contemporary life. On display are more than 100 art toys and paintings. The choice of art toys reflects the collaboration's playful spirit, transcending traditional boundaries. Each toy symbolises craftsmanship and cultural pride, showcasing connections between distant cultures.

The paintings, meanwhile, explore Thai and Korean cultures. From urban scenes to rural landscapes, each stroke unveils insights into cultural identities.

Participating artists include Uptempo, Leedongjae, LoserWorks, Dding and Aone from Hands in Factory, South Korean's innovative collective specialising in toy creation.

333Gallery is located at Warehouse 30, Charoen Krung 30, and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Visit facebook.com/333GalleryGroup.

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