Embark on a journey through nature
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Embark on a journey through nature

Embark on a journey through nature
An oil on canvas by Ekachai Luadsoongnern. (Photo courtesy of MOCA Bangkok)

Traces of natural beauty are portrayed through art at "Traces Of Emotions" which is running at Moca Bangkok's Temporary Exhibition 1 and 2, until April 28.

On show are four series of oil paintings by Ekachai Luadsoongnern, an Impressionist whose love and bond with nature have inspired him to continue creating art for over 30 years.

The exhibition is like a record of his conversation with nature. It depicts the relationship between his sentiments towards the beauty of nature, landscape, atmosphere and time based on his never-ending journeys both locally and internationally.

Born and raised in the countryside, the artist observes and lives in harmony with nature and consequently falls in love with its ordinariness and simplicity. While his brushworks, which depict emotions, moods and beauty, may not always prioritise detail or reality, the brushstroke traces convey the strength of impressive emotions.

A variety of brushstrokes are rendered in his paintings. Some are rapid, emphasising the expression of light, colour and atmosphere in nature, while some are layers of colour to produce the weight, distance and form that occur naturally.

Several of his works feature rough brushstrokes to focus more on internal emotions while certain pieces look more like realistic paintings that depict his emotions for nature.

Viewers will be impressed with his landscape paintings created as a personal record of journeys throughout Thailand and other nations as well as his Impressionist paintings created at two locations -- the Luad Impressionist Garden in Chiang Rai and Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.

Moca Bangkok is located on Kamphaeng Phet 6 Road and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Visit mocabangkok.com or call 02-016-5666.

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