Two artists join hands to push boundaries
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Two artists join hands to push boundaries

Two artists join hands to push boundaries
A collaborative work by October29 and Poorboy. photo courtesy of Trendy Gallery

When two virtuosos from the realm of street art join hands in an art show, there must be something special about their work. This is true in "The Other Side", which is running at Trendy Gallery, until May 26.

This is the first-ever collaborative art exhibition by Takrit Krutphum, aka October29, and Kasemwit Chaweewat, aka Poorboy, who redefine their characters and perspectives and offer a glimpse into another aspect of their creativity. Viewers are invited to inspect another side of the cheeky furry monkey that Poorboy created to reflect the concept of saving the world. This time, the artist has chosen to portray this signature character, also called Poorboy, in bold tones. October29, meanwhile, presents his sly character Hele, a red and black rabbit demon with a provocative expression, in pastel hues.

Their collaborative artwork, including that of the artists themselves, demonstrates the versatility that comes with breaking away from conventional moulds. This freshness doesn't discard their original essence, rather, it constructs new spirits within familiar forms.

The show reflects the fact that within this diversity we should learn to explore every facet of each other. It's the aesthetics of life we should have as long as we live in society.

Trendy Gallery is on the 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Nakhon Road.


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