Artist pays tribute to Myanmar heroines
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Artist pays tribute to Myanmar heroines

Artist pays tribute to Myanmar heroines

After a two-week debut in Bangkok in late January before moving to Chiang Mai in March, "Thread Under Threat: Myanmar Women Out Of The 3-Year Coup Shadow" will showcase at the BACC, Gallery 1 of MMAD, 3rd floor of Seacon Srinakarin, until May 6.

Presented by SEA Junction, this is a solo exhibition by Chuu Wai, a painter, performance artist and activist from Myanmar who presents a powerful portrayal of women figures through paintings.

The exhibition is born out of solidarity with the opposition movement in Myanmar which has been fighting for democracy since the coup d'état led by Gen Min Aung Hlaing three years ago. It resonates the resilience of the people of Myanmar, especially the women among them.

Wai's paintings shine a spotlight on the strength, resilience and indomitable spirit of women who have stood against the oppressive forces of both patriarchal and authoritarian values.

These figures have become symbols of defiance, challenged preconceptions and inspired a movement towards a more just and democratic society.

Utilising handwoven fabric, vintage photos and newspaper clippings, the exhibition celebrates the country's uniqueness while also unveiling and challenging the complex tapestry meticulously woven by those in power through education, religion and traditional normative systems directed at perpetuating an authoritarian and patriarchal system, which people are set to change.

Wai has lived in exile in Paris following the 2021 Myanmar coup d'état. She has had solo and group exhibitions both in Myanmar where she is considered a media figure and a young influencer artist, and internationally.

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