'Conan O'Brien Must Go' premieres on April 23
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'Conan O'Brien Must Go' premieres on April 23

The travel series features four episodes

'Conan O'Brien Must Go' premieres on April 23

Conan O'Brien Must Go, a Max Original travel series by American comedic genius Conan O'Brien will be available on April 23, on HBO Go.

Long-time fans of O'Brien will remember his travel remotes that he did in Japan, Italy, Korea, Ghana, Australia, Greenland and more during his late-night talk show era. In these remotes, he mingled with locals (and occasionally made them feel awkward), learned about their cultures, and made many comedic golds along the way. 

Conan O'Brien Must Go is a four-episode series which will see O'Brien travelling to four countries; Norway, Thailand, Argentina and Ireland. We already knew that he would give Thailand a shoutout in this show since his visit to Thailand last year caused a big buzz.

It'll be interesting to see what made the final cut as O'Brien dove into the local culture head first, doing so many things from muay Thai boxing, renting a Thai costume, eating street food and enjoying a floating market to appearing on a hit singing TV show. 

However, die-hard fans know that his interest in Thailand happened during his talk show years too like when he wished Thailand a great Songkran (before aptly being doused with water) via a video back in 2017 and he talked about how crazy Thai nicknames can be with a Thai fan in an episode of Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan

In Conan O'Brien Must Go, the Emmy-winning host will also visit new friends he’s met through his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan, where he dives deep with listeners from around the world.

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