Taiwanese artists share their visions in ink
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Taiwanese artists share their visions in ink

Taiwanese artists share their visions in ink
Two works from 'The Stroke'. (Photo: Ardel's Third Place Gallery)

For those who appreciate Eastern art, don't miss the convergence of Eastern philosophy and contemporary art at "The Stroke", an intriguing art exhibition featuring collaborative works of two talented female artists from Taipei, Lee Kuan Lian and Wang Kuan Ya. Hosted at ARDEL's Third Place Gallery in Thong Lor until May 23, this exhibition offers a unique exploration of ink paintings and installations that explore profound themes.

During her studies at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing), Lee produced numerous works in the form of East-meets-West fusion. Her latest contribution titled Symbiosis is a beautiful series of ink paintings presented as an installation with a carpet on the floor. Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of Laozi, the ancient Chinese thinker credited with formulating the concept of Tao, Symbiosis embodies the unity of opposites, mirroring the principles found in Laozi's Tao Te Ching. Occupying the space from eye level to the ground, this immersive artwork encourages viewers to look through their own perspectives while navigating the ever-changing dynamics of nature for sustainable existence.

Meanwhile, Wang's contribution, Hot Doooog Cart, presents a contemporary reinterpretation of calligraphy through exquisite brushstrokes. She refers to herself as "an ink painter who likes to draw dogs and cats". However, with meticulous precision, Wang crafts exquisite depictions which invite viewers to appreciate the beauty inherent in simplicity and poetry. The space surrounding the artwork is integral to its essence and prompts contemplation on the subjective nature of perception and significance.

This special exhibition promises an enriching journey through the intersection of tradition and innovation and invites audiences to explore profound philosophical concepts through the lens of contemporary art. The two artists themselves also invite you to delve deeper into the realms of cultural wisdom and aesthetic expression.

"The Stroke" will run from today until May 4 at ARDEL's Third Place Gallery, Thong Lor Soi 10. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm (closed on Sunday). For more information, call 08-7323-7577, 02-422-2092.

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