Artist presents narratives woven in thread
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Artist presents narratives woven in thread

Artist presents narratives woven in thread
Embroidery by Jakkai Siributr.

The Thai Textile Society is holding a matrilineal exhibition by artist Jakkai Siributr, at 100 Tonson Foundation, Soi Tonson, Phloenchit Road, on Saturday at 10am.

Held as part of the Collector’s Corner series, the exhibition is based on a series of embroideries centred on the passing of Jakkai’s mother. It focuses on two concepts — giving voice to narratives from the past and acknowledging their memories and legacies; and the impermanence of life, expressed in tightly woven work that states pain of loss and bereavement. The show highlights the essence of womanhood, emphasising significant female figures in his family vis-à-vis hardships in a patrilineal society, regardless of rank or social status, and his relationship with his mother, aunts and grandmother. These figures shaped him into the person he is today.

Known for his iconic use of embroidery, stitching and quilting, Jakkai is one of the most notable practitioners of textile art — an artform traditionally considered to be gender-specific.

Embroideries by Jakkai Siributr.

For this show, he presents new works made exclusively from reassembled and repurposed garments, textiles and personal objects that belonged to significant women in the family, as well as expanding his ongoing focus on social issues, and the therapeutic power of art making.

Recently, he has also begun to work with various communities through embroidery workshops including refugees on the Thai-Myanmar border and in the US. Jakkai has exhibited in Asia, Europe and the US.

There is no admission fee. For reservations, email

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