Take an immersive journey at SAC Gallery
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Take an immersive journey at SAC Gallery

Take an immersive journey at SAC Gallery
(Photo courtesy of SAC Gallery)

SAC Gallery invites art lovers to embark on a journey into an illusive world during "Dark Was The Night" which is running until July 6.

This is the third solo exhibition at SAC Gallery by Taiki Sakpisit who presents a new experience that promises to be a multi-sensory journey of memory and loss.

Influenced by the general election in Thailand last year, the exhibition juxtaposes the yearning for a brighter future with the harsh reality of entrenched power structures. This sparks a desire for a oneiric landscape, reflected in the ethereal soundscapes and optical textures that evoke a dream state. Taking inspiration from the way nocturnal creatures navigate the darkness through sound, the artist has transformed the gallery's expansive first floor into a near-womb-like space, inviting visitors to rely on intuition and senses to explore themes of resilience, the yearning for a brighter future, and the enduring power of memory.

Upon entering the exhibition, a captivating two-channel video installation creates a mysterious conversation with the rest of the artworks. Taiki's artistry delves deeper, drawing inspiration from the cosmic canvas, the cyclical dance of celestial bodies, personal traumas, and a significant moment in Thai history.

The video installation, photographs, light boxes, etchings and motorised sculpture, infused with these references, become a portal inviting viewers to contemplate the enduring bond of family, the relentless pull of time and the echoing memories that resurface from the depths of our past.

SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit Soi 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

There is no admission fee. Visit sac.gallery.

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