Music that makes you think twice
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Music that makes you think twice

Luss returns with new single 'Sucker'

Music that makes you think twice

Revamping the originality of storytelling through personal experiences that are more than just songs, Luss showcases different sides in their unique Thai-pop journey with a wide range of diversities.

Luss has established themselves as musical creative innovators and tastemakers on the Thai pop  music scene, combining contemporary urban and electronic sounds with a quirky twist, performing in Thai and English, leading to a unique new style of T-pop. The band consists of two members, Coco is lead singer, lyricist and the mastermind with a pioneering spirit. Ben is producer, beatmaker and mixologist, who has produced songs for other Thai artists. 

When it comes to making music, Luss sees themselves as two mad scientists cooped up in their lab as they let their curious brains run wild. One thing on their mind is that every mishap is  always an opportunity to produce a new masterpiece. They were a delegate favourite at the 2019  Bangkok Music City Festival and have been invited to showcase at SXSW. Their sound has been well-received throughout the region and in Finland. 

Last year was the year of  Tik Tok for Luss, with their single Kaipalo hitting more than 230,000 views, making it one of the top viral songs of the year. Kaipalo is the first single from the band's new labum, Is There Anything On The Moon?, set to launch this year. Their new single Sucker, also part of the new upcoming album, is a "tribute to all the bad boys we’ve all fallen for". Listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify and their YouTube channel. 

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