Catch heartthrob Byeon Woo-seok on the small screen
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Catch heartthrob Byeon Woo-seok on the small screen

Catch heartthrob Byeon Woo-seok on the small screen
Lovely Runner. (Photos: VIU)

Byeon Woo-seok is South Korea's hottest star, with the 32-year-old actor rising to fame for his portrayal of Ryu Sun-jae in the TV series Lovely Runner which can be seen on Viu.

Lovely Runner tells the story of loyal K-pop fan Im Sol who travels through time to save the life of Ryu Sun-jae, a member of popular boy band Eclipse. When Im turns back time, she discovers that Ryu has had a crush on her since they were high school students. Byeon as Ryu impresses viewers with his unwavering affection for Im despite having difficulties.

After the success of Lovely Runner, Byeon announced he would embark on a debut fan meet in Asia. He will meet Thai fans at the "2024 Byeon Woo-seok Asia Tour In Bangkok" on June 15 at KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha. The tickets for the event sold out in an instant.

Here is the pick of Byeon's previous works for fans to enjoy.

Moonshine. (Photo courtesy of VIU)

Moonshine (2021)

This period TV drama on Viu is set in an era that prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol. Byeon plays supporting character Lee Pyo, who is a graceful but rebellious crown prince. Prince Lee often escapes from the palace to have a drink and his behaviour causes trouble for the guards.

The character of Prince Lee is different from the gentle Ryu. Though Prince Lee is a rebellious and spoiled royal, his charm is still undeniable. Moonshine has a captivating storyline and outstanding performances.

20th Century Girl. (Photos © Netflix)

20th Century Girl (2022)

Set in the late 90s, 20th Century Girl is a coming-of-age drama on Netflix. The movie revolves around four high school students who experience their first love. The script is well crafted and can evoke nostalgic memories.

Although Byeon's character Poong Woon-ho in this movie is similar to Ryu in Lovely Runner, as a versatile actor, Byeon impressively demonstrates his ability in portraying a diverse range of emotions.

Strong Girl Nam-soon. (Photo: NETFLIX)

Strong Girl Nam-soon (2023)

Strong Girl Nam-soon is a TV series on Netflix about a family in which all female members are gifted with superhuman strength. Byeon plays Ryu Shi-oh, the main antagonist, and although he appears in only some episodes, his acting is memorable and has a powerful impact on the series.

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