Dive into the abstract world of Meguru Yamaguchi
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Dive into the abstract world of Meguru Yamaguchi

Dive into the abstract world of Meguru Yamaguchi
Artwork by Meguru Yamaguchi. (Photo courtesy of Maison JE Bangkok)

Art enthusiasts have until June 2 to witness floating art by New York-based contemporary Japanese artist Meguru Yamaguchi who has his Bangkok and East Asia debut, "Out Of Bounds", at Maison JE Bangkok.

On display are unique artworks that express the artistic spirit of Yamaguchi, allowing visitors to meaningfully absorb the soul of his art.

Reputed as a digital impressionist, the Shibuya-born artist creates abstract art that is both sophisticated and vibrant. He uses the "cut & paste" method for making art with the process of mixing colours onto plastic sheets before cutting, peeling and placing them on various surfaces. It's like skipping across several surfaces with a brush. He deftly blends unconventional patterns and hues joined with the unique combination of different materials in a rhythmic way to create an impression of unpretentiousness.

The ethereal quality of his lines is the distinguishing feature of his art. This makes his works appealing to collectors and art enthusiasts all around the world.

One of his favourite hues is blue which represents the sky, the ocean and planet, and appears in almost all of his paintings, as well as black and white.

Blended with abstract art, his artwork draws inspiration from ancient Japanese calligraphy. In addition to being abstract, Yamaguchi enjoys bringing out the highlights of cultures, cities and people by creating artworks using multiple techniques.

Yamaguchi is also known in the street fashion world, thanks to his collaborations with world-renowned labels such as Issey Miyake Men, Uniqlo, Levi's, Oakley and Fendi Foundation collections. His spirit fills every square inch of the gallery which also showcases his exclusive collections of clothes, bags and accessory designs.

Maison JE Bangkok is on Surawong Road and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

There is no admission fee. Visit maisonje.com.

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