Explore your subconscious mind at River City Bangkok
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Explore your subconscious mind at River City Bangkok

Explore your subconscious mind at River City Bangkok
Artwork by Jakkapong Thapkoa. (Photo courtesy of Number 1 Gallery)

A collection of captivating paintings are presented as food for thought during "Subconsciousness", which is running at Number 1 Gallery, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, until June 16.

This is the first solo exhibition by Jakkapong Thapkoa, an award-winning Thai artist who reflects the story of humans before they get lost in a trance of cravings, to remind us to appreciate the value of life without clinging to the cycle of desires.

Instead, he wishes that everyone tries to comprehend the dhamma teachings and beliefs that can direct us to a virtuous life and liberation.

Subconsciousness (roughly translated as pawang in Thai) refers to the part of the mind that operates below the level of conscious awareness. This might be caused by happiness, sadness, dreams or imagination.

Inspired by this truth, the artist reflects on the current society where many people are obsessed with what leads them to disgrace, physically and mentally. They are unaware that they're getting lost in their own dreams and imaginations. They also fail to realise that what they are doing eventually brings them to righteousness or misery.

According to Jakkapong, carvings are naturally part of our lives. But whenever we get too obsessed with things that aren't truly necessary, it deprives us of mindfulness and wisdom and subsequently leads us to the darkness in life. This is where we become a victim of our own cravings and find no way to return to goodness.


Artwork by Jakkapong Thapkoa. Number 1 Gallery

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