Artist rethinks history in 'Deja Vu' series
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Artist rethinks history in 'Deja Vu' series

Artist rethinks history in 'Deja Vu' series
'Deja Vu: The Last Chapter (Part 2)' exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Richard Koh Fine Art)

Art lovers have until Saturday to view the second instalment of a three-part series by celebrated Thai artist Natee Utarit, showcased during "Deja Vu: The Last Chapter (Part 2)" at Richard Koh Fine Art, Sukhumvit Road.

This is a series of captivating works that reflect Natee's multidisciplinary approach, from stained glass to embroidery, sculpture and painting. Each medium revisits pivotal moments that have influenced Western art forms, inviting viewers to rethink established narratives of cultural and historical development.

The series unfolds over three sequential parts from April to June, allowing audiences to deeply engage with the artist's examination of cultural dialogue and historical reinterpretations.

"Part 2" focuses on intricate embroidery and mixed-media installations incorporating historical artefacts. Created in 2020, these works stem from Natee's provocative question -- "What if Lord Buddha had travelled to Europe before the rise of Western civilisation?"

This hypothetical scenario inspired a series of artistic experiments, crafting narratives and objects that blend imagination with historical speculation.

The featured installations represent a significant aspect of the artist's "Deja Vu" series. They explore the representation of Buddha not just as a scriptural figure but as an icon woven into the fabric of both Eastern and Western cultures.

By fusing various collectable items through both physical and symbolic melting processes, Natee offers a new narrative on Buddha's teachings and their potential intersections with Western traditions.


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