A tribute to Gucci's legacy comes to Emsphere
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A tribute to Gucci's legacy comes to Emsphere

A tribute to Gucci's legacy comes to Emsphere
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Gucci presents "Gucci Visions", which takes visitors on a playful journey into the creativity that lies at the heart of the brand. Offering a panoramic view of the brand's 103-year history, "Gucci Visions" is a living tribute to its signature designs and iconic emblems as well as the talent of its creative directors and artisans over the years. By exploring Gucci's heritage, the exhibition reveals the brand's belief in the power of creativity and its dedication to Italian craftsmanship.

Following its successful debut in Florence and Tokyo, "Gucci Visions" arrives at Emsphere. Comprising six meticulously themed rooms, the exhibition represents different facets of the brand's story. Visitors can embark on a journey through the brand's rich history, guided by an illustrated timeline chronicling key dates, events and influential figures as a backdrop to the immersive experience.

Allowing exploration in any order, each space unveils a different facet of the brand's evolution, highlighting signature themes and icons such as the Bamboo bag, the GG monogram and the Flora pattern. Through this exhibition, guests are invited to learn the origins and significance of these iconic elements and understand their integral role in Gucci's enduring allure. From heritage-inspired luggage catering to modern travellers to exquisite gowns donned by celebrities over decades, each room presents a unique perspective. This bold venture underscores Gucci's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new frontiers. A carefully curated selection of bags, luggage and garments serves as a testament to Gucci's artistic legacy, bridging generations of creativity. From the original vision of Guccio Gucci to the trailblazing contributions of his sons and the transformative leadership, the exhibition weaves together the past and the present of the brand and celebrates different chapters of Gucci's history.

"Gucci Visions" in Thailand is open for public viewing until July 21 at Em Glass, G floor, Em Tower, Emsphere Shopping Centre. Online reservations are available via gucci.com or LINE Official Account: @GUCCITH.


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