Artist delves deep into the world of faith
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Artist delves deep into the world of faith

Artwork by Thana Phothong. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok
Artwork by Thana Phothong. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok

Art lovers are invited to witness transformative creations by talented artist Thana Phothong during "Faith", which is running at RCB Photographers' Gallery, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, until July 7.

This is his third solo exhibition after his second show "Beyond Tigers: The Journey Of The Tiger In You" saw success and a warm reception from collectors in 2022.

Known for crafting works that have left a lasting impression, Thana once again delves into the narrative of belief and devotion to transmit waves of tranquillity and good fortune to all viewers.

The artist believes that deep within the hearts of all people lies a common element -- fear. We each seek various psychological anchors to overcome this fear, which manifests in different forms.

Since ancient times, humans have worshipped the Sun, the Moon, rivers and even animals like wolves, cats, eagles, deer or tigers. Over time, these beliefs evolved into rituals, the creation of idols, or the development of religion.

Based on these concepts, he has created this series from experiences, beliefs, explorations of knowledge, as well as fundamental symbols and beliefs, merged with images from various media.

These include strange creatures with multiple heads or animals with human-like faces, resulting in a new imagery in the direction of fantastic realism. This style, with its uniqueness, taps into the emotional and spiritual beliefs of viewers.

Thana has earned numerous prestigious awards throughout his artistic journey that spans over 20 years. He has exhibited in group shows and solo exhibitions.

There is no admission fee. Visit

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