Poetic list for SEA Write

From 101 entries in all, Southeast Asia's most prestigious literary prize has announced a longlist of 18 Thai poetry books that will compete for this year's SEA Write Award.

A committee in all 10 Asean nations is going through the process of selecting and nominating to come up with the best achievements in each country's literary field.

Each year, the SEA Write Award committee takes turns giving prizes to a different form of writing and for 2013 it's poetry.

Zakariya Amataya's Mai Mee Yingsao Nai Bot Kawee (Poems Without Maidens) won the prize in this category three years ago (last year was novels, the year before was short stories).

The list includes the latest works from several notable names such as Chokchai Bandit, whose poetry book won the prize back in 2001, Jadej Kamjorndet, who won for short stories in 2011, and Sukhumpot Khamsukhum, who has two of his works in the competition this year.

The shortlist will be announced later this month and the winner is expected to be named next month.

Here is the longlist of 18 Thai poetry books (the Thai titles are our unofficial translation):

1.Khong Fak Chak Daen Klai (Souvenir From Faraway Land) by Chokchai Bandit

2.Kham Nueng Thueng Ban Khana Fan Nai Mueang (Thinking Of Home While Dreaming In The City) by Khong-rak Khamphairot

3.Chan Thalak Thoe by Charoenkwan

4.Tang Tong Kan Kwam Mai Khong Phuen Thi by Siwakan Patumsut

5.Thanon Sai Nan Thot Pai Su Hua Chai Mae (That Road Goes Towards The Mother's Heart) by Kosin Khao-ngam

6.Nok Op-phayop (A Migrating Bird) by Phakdi Chaiyahat

7.Ban Nai Mok (A House In The Mist) by Sukhumpot Khamsukhum

8.Pik Nok Fa Pha Kwam Rak Bin Pai Dai (Bird's Wings Can Take Love To Fly) by Muthita

9.Phu Ok Bap Sen Khop Fa (The One Who Designs The Horizon Line) by Jadej Kamjorndet

10.Fan Fueang Manut (Human's Cog) by Thakrit Tangthantrakun

11.Mekha Charik by Thamakon

12.Rawang Thang Thi Siang Aa-san Waew (Along The Way As The Muezzin Calls) by Prat Andaman

13.Rak Khong Rao Ngao Khong Lok (The Root Of Us, The Shadow Of The World) by Sukhumpot Khamsukhum

14.Lok Bai Lek (A Small World) by Palang Piangphirun

15.Wup Wai Nai Saeng Mahatsachan by Nirattisai Lo-Arunothai

16.Hua Chai Hong Thi Ha (The Heart's Fifth Chamber) by Angkan Chanthathip

17.Ana-nikhom Khong Kwam Sao(The Colony of Melancholy) by Wisut Khao-niam

18.Aum Luk Op Lok (Holding the Baby, Embracing the World) by Konkui Kritsada Sunthorn

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