Khon comes to the garden
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Khon comes to the garden


More than 90 khon dancers from the Fine Arts Department will perform an extract from the national epic Ramakien in the garden of Museum Siam next month.

The Great Ramakien.

The Great Ramakien episode is a full-scale, two-hour khon performance.

The show will tell the story of the demon king Thotsakan who, after hearing about the beauty of Sida, the wife of Phra Ram, tries to abduct her by ordering his uncle Mareech to disguise himself as a golden deer in order to entice her.

Sida sees the deer and begs her husband to catch it for her. While Phra Ram and his younger brother Phra Lak are pursuing the deer into the forest, Sida is captured by Thotsakan.

Once the two brothers realise this, they follow them in hot pursuit, encountering and acquiring Hanuman’s army of monkey warriors to fight in the war against Thotsakan to take Sida back.

The Great Ramakien is on April 1  at 6.30pm.

There is no admission fee and advanced booking is not required. Museum Siam is located on Sanam Chai Road (near Wat Pho).

If you wish for more information, visit or call 081-928-4231 (on weekdays from 9.30am-5pm).

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