Bangokian chat-up lines

Bangokian chat-up lines

And you think you've heard it all before

Bangokian chat-up lines

Welcome to the first Friday of June. In other words, holy sh** we’re half way through the calendar year. More often than not, this is where most people reach breaking point. Boredom sets in, energy levels plummet to zero and you find yourself unable to suppress the sort of emotions that are only deemed appropriate to express within the privacy of your own home or the office toilet.

Frankly, the only thing that seems to be on a constant high is the temperature of this city. But fear not, Bangkokians. If Guru knows how to spice up anything, it’s your love life. When we’re not busy banging out passive-aggressive sentences and publishing stories that could potentially get our writers arrested, we’re playing matchmaker and fashioning slick one-liners, all for the sake of romance.

We’re unleashing the beast this week with 15 chat-up lines that may or may not get you laid in Bangkok. Go wild, Dear Readers.

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