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The jewellery at the newly opened Thomas Sabo store purports to have spiritual properties

Lars Schmidt at the Thomas Sabo flagship store.

On his right wrist, Lars Schmidt donned a bracelet bearing a sterling silver Maori skull and round-cut matt obsidian beads -- the black stones believed to support the flow of life energy.

The protective talisman is one of the Power Bracelets retailed at the newly opened Thomas Sabo store in Siam Paragon.

As the brand's sales director for Asia, Schmidt has been working on expanding the business in the region, where the Power Bracelets -- also in tiger-eye, jasper and lapiz lazuri -- will appeal to those who believe in their spiritual properties.

The flagship store displays a diverse variety of jewellery and watches made by the German company, whose edgy designs are part of the Rebel At Heart collection, initially characterised by blackened sterling silver accentuated by masculine materials such as leather and black synthetic zirconia.

"When we started creating this collection in 2007, it was actually more masculine and made for men, but women really liked the designs,'' said the German sales director. "We realised more and more that the line between men and women is disappearing. For example a few years ago, women started to wear Boyfriend jeans and nowadays men carry clutches. Fashion has become quite unisex and so has jewellery."

The rebellious designs reflect the personality of Thomas Sabo, who established the company in 1984. A precision mechanic, Sabo has a great eye for detail, with this transferred to the hand-crafting of his jewellery.

"Mr Sabo is a very strong and passionate person. The brand has always carried his DNA. Our designs are also all about power and strength," said Schmidt.

The skull is one of the symbolic elements in the designs, which also draw inspiration from the founder's interpretations of cultures he's visited.

This season, a product range pays tribute to Africa with its pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings, boasting ethnic patterns interpreted graphically as a result of an innovative layering technique.

Other women's pieces feature white, faceted diamond floral cut-out patterns and maritime mosaic designs as well as minimalist diamond-set bars.

"The spring/summer 2017 collection displays a mix of culture. You will see a combination of warm and cold colours, and contrasting graphic elements with a more fluid, floral-like line. This collection really reflects how Thomas Sabo is very diverse and unique," he said.

The German brand even believes in Karma, and how good deeds will come back to you.

Its Karma Beads collection allows configuring personalised jewellery with filigree beads set with decorative ornaments or sparkling stones, and with yellow or rose gold plating.

The beads include a lotus flower symbolising purity and enlightenment; a falcon, for courage and hope; and a black scarab strengthening and protecting wearers.

"This is another spiritual collection, as the idea of Karma is all about inner self. Every single bead has its own meaning, and you can customise a bracelet to reflect your own personality or spiritual beliefs in line with your own inner direction," he said.

While generating positive energy, the Karma-bead bracelet and other Thomas Sabo pieces encourage self-expression.

"In Thailand, the weather is always hot and humid. So you can't wear a statement jacket or other fashion items to walk outside. However, fashionistas can easily make a statement with our jewellery," said Schmidt.

Pieces from the Africa range of jewellery.

Karma Beads and Power Bracelets to promote positive energy.

Karma Beads and Power Bracelets to promote positive energy.

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