Raindrop wisdom

Raindrop wisdom

A practice based on centuries-old methods to rejuvenate the body and mind

Raindrop wisdom
The Raindrop technique delivers therapeutic effects of essential oils.

The high-spirited Sunderta She Kaur is not kidding when she says people grow up to an inch taller after an aromatherapy session. She was sceptical about that herself before learning the Raindrop technique and becoming a certified trainer in this therapeutic application of essential oils.

"The stress in our daily lives compresses our body. By measuring the height before and after a treatment, we see how essential oils can help realign the spine and make us taller. In addition, when we de-stress and completely relax then we can begin to heal," said the Canadian, who goes by her spiritual name.

Also a certified instructor in kundalini yoga and siu lum (shaolin) qigong staff, Sunderta is the visiting practitioner at The Siam, a luxury riverside hotel at the base of Krung Thon Bridge.

As a part of the hotel's May wellness programme, Kaur gets people started on a personal transformation by introducing them to Asian practices and aromatherapy, which promote balance and wellness when incorporated into daily life.

"Achieving wellness is not about going to a retreat once a year and not doing anything else," she said. "Kundalini yoga, siu lum qigong staff and the Raindrop technique are lifestyle practices. It's hard work as you have to do them every day."

While the hotel's Opium Spa offers an aromatherapy massage, Kaur's repertoire with the Raindrop technique differs in using lighter touches and over seven essential oils, essential blends and massage oils that work at a cellular level.

"Each essential oil is complex with a unique chemistry and energetic profile, and has something different to contribute in promoting wellness," she said. "The first two oils make the cells more receptive, like someone coming in to wake you up and asking 'Are you ready?'. The next three oils do the cleaning and take out the garbage. The remaining two rebuild structure."

Similar to having a massage, the first sequence will have you relaxed in a supine position. Kaur applies the essential oils on the inner arch line of the feet at reflex points that relate to parts of the body.

Sunderta She Kaur.

Rolling over in a prone position, she works on the back along the spine gently dropping the potent essential oils and employing a feathering stroke technique inspired by healing traditions used by the native American Lakota tribe.

The Vitaplex technique's pumping motion is also used during the 75-90 minutes session, which aims to induce a deep-relaxed state while aligning and balancing mind and body.

"The rejuvenating effects last several days as the essential oils continue to work in their own way," she explained. "Though, only pure therapeutic essential oils can be used directly on the body. Not only during this treatment but essential oils in their purest form are meant to be used every day, as a natural way to promote balance and wellness."

Peppermint essential oil, for instance, is associated with the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems whereas wintergreen supports muscles and bones.

Versatile lavender essential oil is known to balance the mind and body, and will work wherever there is a need. It can boost stamina and energy, as well as helping you to unwind before going to bed.

"Each essential oil has a certain frequency and will go to the cells and tissues where it is needed in the body. When using essential oils, we want to create a relationship with the natural essences and be open to receiving them," she said.

Everything in life has an energy and frequency, Kaur added, and siu lum qigong staff is a form of energy practice that promotes vitality and longevity.

"It looks simple but you're working with the breath and internal energy through postures holding the bamboo staff to create an alignment. The exercise supports the flow of life force energy or qi that impacts the function of vital organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys," she explained.

Sharing some similarity with qigong, kundalini yoga raises awareness of self, of body and mind through breath (pranayama), movement, posture (asana), exercise (kriya), sound or mantra, music, deep relaxation and meditation.

"Kundalini yoga and siu lum qigong staff were uncommonly taught practices, but today, we can experience this ancient wisdom and integrate into our busy day-to-day life for more balance and wellness. These are practices that everyone can do," she said.

Email sunderta@sundertashekaur.com or call The Siam Hotel on 02-206-6999 or 094-678-7447.

The Raindrop technique delivers therapeutic effects of essential oils.

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