Prima Diamond, the first to bring Thai diamond jewelry to a whole new level

Prima Diamond, the first to bring Thai diamond jewelry to a whole new level

They are the first to bring Thai diamond jewelry to a whole new level with a certification from the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research "IIDGR by De Beers"

Prima Diamond, the first to bring Thai diamond jewelry to a whole new level

Prima Diamond changing the industry of diamond jewelry with the first ever diamond grading certification awarded to a Thai manufacturer from IIDGR (International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research) by De Beers.

Prima Diamond, under Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, is specialized in manufacturing and distributing fine jewelry at an international level. The company develops the most advanced technique in Asia that elevates the standard of the diamonds according to the grading system of IIDGR by De Beers, making the brand gain a worldwide recognition. Their expertise in diamond jewelry is regarded as a successful step among diamond jewelry business in Thailand.

Ms. Chonticha Rerkwitoolkul, Managing Director of Prima Diamond (one of the brands under Prima Gold International Limited), recounts that during the first quarter of the year 2017, the brand has a satisfying growth rate according that its goal. There is a high demand for diamond jewelry among Thai customers. Prima Diamond would like to cater to every customer's detailed and specific requirement so customers are categorized into three groups.

1. Customers who look for diamond jewelry with a high-end quality. They have a high purchasing power and place an importance on the value of the diamond that increases with time. The brand presents jewelry pieces that are certified by GIA and also the new certification for Thailand "IIDGR by De Beers".

2. Customers who love diamonds and their unique designs. They wear rings, other accessories and diamond jewelry in everyday life.

3. Customers who are just starting to wear their first piece of diamond jewelry. They look for jewelry with a great quality and a reasonable price.

This year, Prima Diamond wants to reach out to all of the three customer groups. They have created two new criteria for their diamond jewelry. The first one being the standard for Prima Diamond products; Prima Diamond presents products that are certified by IIDGR by De Beers International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR) by De Beers Group. De Beers Group is the only leading institute that is highly specialized and skillful in diamond grading to ensure the best quality for De Beers' customers worldwide. Expert gemologists working at IIDGR by De Beers Group carefully evaluate and assess every diamond in a high-technology laboratory. Diamond Grading Center laboratories are in London, Surat and Antwerp. The IIDGR by De Beers Group with an extensive experience of more than 120 years in diamond grading not only issues diamond jewelry certification under the 4C system that is Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut but also invents a whole new criterion that is "The 5th C". The fifth C stands for "Confidence" symbolizing that every diamond certified by IIDGR is guaranteed of its quality through the expertise, skills and instruments at De Beers lab. They ensure that the diamonds are natural and are certified by the Kimberley Process.

The second criterion is the technology used to cut the diamond. Pranda Jewelry is the leader in new innovations in the cutting of diamond that are recognized universally. The company is the first manufacturer to use a specialized technique to shape and polish a diamond to be the most pristine, colorless and luminous. Moreover, the technique enhances the diamond and increases its internal reflections. Prima Diamond proudly presents this technique through their new collection "Impression" that is widely acclaimed by loyal customers and therefore gaining a popularity among new customers. The following are the main factors in expanding the company's diamond jewelry market:

- Careful selection and craftsmanship of every diamond to ensure the brand's customers the highest standard of diamonds.
- Delicate design by our team of skillful and creative designers who can meet every specification by the brand's customers.
- Highest quality guaranteed for every piece of jewelry that is manufactured in a factory certified by international standards.

Luxury Collection is a collection of pieces with a white gold body and a classic design representing modernity as well as sweetness. With the diamond color 97-11 (G-D Color), the prestigious pieces are delicately crafted with an advanced technique. They can be a perfect present for someone you love. The quality and grading are certified by IIDGR by De Beers.


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