Replenishment in the heart of Bangkok
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Replenishment in the heart of Bangkok

The Organika Secret Spa on Sukhumvit 49 will help you purify from the city's toxins

Replenishment in the heart of Bangkok
The greenhouse-themed Organika House Cafe and Restaurant.

With a name that arouses curiosity, Organika Secret Spa just begs to be explored. The facility is operated by Thai-Danish actress Sririta Jensen, who stretched her imagination in creating a retreat right in the heart of Sukhumvit.

The mysterious spa, based on the Tree of Life concept, is located on the 5th floor, underneath Organika Cafe and Restaurant on the top floor of Building A in Piman 49, Sukhumvit 49.

"I want people to escape from the hectic world, the traffic and pollution, and welcome them into Organika House to reconnect with nature," said Sririta. "Human and nature are of the same root, and there's a yearning to be close to nature, such as by taking a vacation in the mountains or by the sea, for its healing power. Without having to go far, those in Bangkok can come here for the rejuvenation."

Organika House opened its doors three years ago, along with spa products featuring organic plant ingredients handpicked by the alluring actress, one of the mentors in The Face Thailand 4 All-Stars modelling-themed reality TV show.

The café evokes an enchanting greenhouse with a high ceiling for decorative trees to spread their branches. A winding staircase leads to a loft with an aerial view of the illuminated and lively café.

In contrast, the spa is quiet and secluded in Organika House's dreamy underground.

"The interior design's cool tone and earthy warm tone respectively transport clients into the greenhouse and the imaginative subterranean spa," Sririta explained. "The 'Tree Of Life' concept further has the spa nestled in the roots of the trees, where nature's healing power is delivered through our treatments."

The spa's wooden entrance leads into a corridor lined with cabinets shelved with jars of herbs and plants, many of which are ingredients in Organika's natural products.

The herbarium obscures doors to five treatment rooms, where spa-goers embark on a journey through Organika's world of scents.

"We believe in the power of scent and aromatherapy through essential oils in improving psychological and physical well-being," said Sririta. "Scents also make us recall good memories and transport us to places that make us forget about our busy lives."

The aromatic journey is driven by five signature scents: Into the Woods, Secret Rose Garden, Ocean of Dreams, Memoirs of Sunrise and Kisses of Jasmine.

Each scent is poetically tied to a spa package delivered in the tastefully designed treatment rooms -- for example, one evoking a rose garden.

The Secret Rose Garden package (5,300 baht) is a three-hour pampering combining a milky bath and a body scrub with the signature aromatic candle massage and a rose quartz facial in a cosy room filled with the romantic smell of rose absolute.

"Living in the city, every day we breathe in toxic air particles. This spa treatment is delivered under the safe and soothing aroma of organic essential oil in the candle, made from soybean wax and pure cotton wick," Sririta explained. "When massaged on the body, the candle's warm liquid wax promotes blood flow and relieves muscle stress, while vitamin E, shea butter, magnolia extract and organic jojoba oil nourish the skin."

Sririta's extensive research has found the magnolia to be one of the world's oldest surviving flowers, and now appears on Organika's logo, while its extract and cells are incorporated into the skin-nourishing products.

Into the Woods features 10 essential oils such as ylang-ylang, lemongrass and eucalyptus for the aromatherapy in a spa package combining a body scrub and body wrap with an Ayurvedic compress massage.

Ocean of Dreams, with a blend of seven essential oils, gives a breath of fresh air that transports you to the sea while indulging in a charcoal body detox, a body wrap followed by Abhyanga body massage and Shirodhara therapy on the forehead to restore vital energy.

The healing sound of a Tibetan bowl does the same in strengthening vital energy after a detoxifying crystal stone body massage in the Memoirs of Sunrise package, which also includes a facial amid the lovely smell of citrus essential oils.

Kisses of Jasmine's aromatherapy is powered by jasmine absolute, whose calming effects accompany a body scrub, a body wrap and a traditional Thai massage combined with yoga-stretching in the fifth spa package.

The facials and body treatments are available à la carte. For instance, the aromatic candle massage takes 90 minutes and costs 3,000 baht.

While refreshment is served to round off the session, one can further experience the "taste of scent" at the café, whose menu features healthy dishes and drinks made with organic ingredients.

The charming café also functions as a flagship store retailing bath and body products as well as organic candles.

For information, call Organika Secret Spa 02-665-1898 and Organika Cafe and Restaurant 02-665-1899 or visit

Aromatic candle massage.

Sririta Jensen, founder and CEO of Organika House.

Organika Secret Spa's herbarium obscures doors leading into treatment rooms.

Garden-themed treatment room.

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