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Horoscope 2019

Month by month predictions for The Year Of The Pig.


April 14 - May 14

Work and finances: You will have trouble with expenditures related to your house, land and vehicle. After March, situations will get better, but are still not so great. For work, since your boss doesn't support you, you will be tired. After November, things at work will be a lot better and in 2020, your career will be absolutely superb.

Relationships: Aries don't have great love lives. In fact, your love life hasn't been so sweet since last year. This year, couples will have better love, but single Aries have to wait until the middle of 2019. You will find unexpected love while travelling or will be introduced to someone by your friends.

Health: You don't have to worry about health. Though you may get sick, you will recover. This year, you will be protected by sacredness. However, you must watch out for accidents, especially in the middle of June. Beware while driving a car or riding a boat.

Luck: Aries will have luck from sacredness, but to be lucky, you must be a moral person. You will be rewarded after you make merit or a donation. Your great fortune will also come from socialising, travelling and communication. At the end of the year, if you run a business, to succeed you should use public relations or advertising. Running a business internationally or working abroad will be especially successful.

Children and companions: Aries rarely have problems with children. If your children are students, you will be happy with them. But your subordinates will make you upset or their work can't meet your expectations. In June and October, you should stay calm. You can review their work in detail, but don't be too strict.


May 15 - June 14

Work and finances: Generally, Taureans are good at making money, but this year, don't be greedy. Don't invest large amounts of money. Try to not have debt this year, you may go broke. Watch out for your finances particularly in the middle of June and October. But having a business partner is OK because you can rely on other people's good fortune. If you already have a partner or work as a team, things will turn out fine. Also, you should consult with people you trust about your finances and work and listen to their advice.

Relationships: Even though finances and work situations aren't cheerful, your relationships are wonderful and sweet. Single people will meet someone they like and enjoy having conversations. Couples who have been dating for a while will get engaged or married. But don't arrange an extravagant wedding because you should be concerned about your finances. Don't let debts from the wedding destroy your happy married life. The best time to arrange a wedding is from February to May and August to November.

Health: Taureans aren't so healthy, but you don't have to worry. Just be cautious of your food because it can cause you stomach-ache, heartburn, flatulence and irregular bowel movements. Eat healthy food and fruits and vegetables. Then, you will be fine. Don't have to worry about accident either. Taurus are safe.

Luck: Taureans will have luck with the opposite sex and in love, which comes surprisingly in February and probably throughout the year. Taureans are luckier than others in terms of love. If you want to take a risk to get money, you should ask other people to help you out. This year, Taureans can gain luck from other people's advice. For example, if you want to buy stocks, you should follow successful investors. But don't gamble. You can encounter financial problems.

Children and companions: If you already have children, you will worry about expenditures for education and be concerned about your children's progress. If you have a naughty child, you should be careful because the child could possibly have a small accident. If you are pregnant, you must rest and take prescription medicine. Don't be a workaholic. At work, Taureans don't have a hard time with their subordinates, but you may face some tight financial conditions in order to pay them.


June 15-July 16

Work and finances: In the first quarter of the year, you will be busy, but things can go smoothly. During April and May, you will have headaches due to a lot of expenditures concerning your family, house, car and other things. Don't buy a new car, a new house and don't drive a car during this period. If you have to travel long distance, beware of accidents. Travelling may cost you money, but won't harm you. Just beware of losing assets. An unexpected accident may interrupt you work flow as well. To sum up, work and finances are still OK, but don't create more debt; especially from buying a house or car.

Relationships: Gemini who already have boyfriends or girlfriends may argue. You should be firm when it comes to love and your partner. Don't be nitpicky. And be careful about love triangles or being torn between two lovers, because your love life can become chaotic. For single people, you will have a secret romance. Don't rush into this kind of relationship because it won't last so long. It is more lust than true love.

Health: Watch out for a car accident or even while walking on the street. Your health is fine, but your family members such as parents or children could possibly get sick and cost you money in June and October.

Luck: Gemini doesn't have much luck. Some of your luck comes from the opposite sex during March to May. You will have more luck in 2020.

Children and companions: This year, you can count on your subordinates. Your children may have health problems. It can be something minor such as a cold.


July 17-Aug 17

Work and finances: You will foresee a great investment opportunity. You will get through last year's work problems smoothly. After April, your fortunes will become clearly better, but will still have to watch out if foreigners ask you to invest with them. You have to study the investment direction, the contracts and other papers carefully in detail. If not, things can turn upside down and you will be disadvantaged. And don't act as a surety for anyone as this could possibly cause you a burden.

Relationships: Single people will meet someone you like and in 2020, the relationship will strengthen. Couples will have a straightforward love life. Nothing is exciting or worrying. Next year, your wife or husband will be lucky. Any Cancer who is at odds with their partner will later get along. And the relationship will get better next year. In conclusion, if you find love this year, it possibly becomes a long term relationship. But if you have interests in many people, you should consider the one who doesn't mind that. If the one you like is a bad person, you have to look for a new one.

Health: You will be healthy. If you are sick, it will be something minor. But you have to be cautious about your feet. You may have an accident causing injury to your feet. It can happen while walking or riding a motorcycle or stepping on a nail or hitting something hard.

Luck: You will have luck from people who older than you or from monks. If you work in a company or in a government office, you will have an opportunity to be promoted or be admired by your superiors. You will be lucky at work throughout the year. Cancer will be lucky and succeed more than other signs.

Children and companions: You will see achievement and progress in your children and subordinates. You can count on them and they will bring your satisfaction. If your children are looking for jobs or take a university entrance exam, they will surely succeed in the middle of the year.


Aug 18-Sept 16

Work and finances: Your seniors at work support you and give you more responsibility. Things will progress in a good direction. The workload may seem too much and may feel tired, but it will all pay off well for your reputation. Beware of a slight hiccup, but that's just temporary and not damaging. Children and companions could land you in hot water. This is also not a good time to start any new business venture. You have a lot of expenses, and they require meticulous management to work through.

Relationships: Love is smooth sailing for Leo this year, for the most part. Single people out there should start keeping an eye out. If you do find someone, just test the water first. Nothing is permanent at this stage. Despite how smoothly or sweetly it seems to be going, both sides are not ready to make a commitment at this stage. It's not that you don't love one another, but both of you still yearn for that freedom in romance. To jump right into a more permanent commitment would cause discomfort for both parties. Just have fun for now.

Health: This is a generally healthy year for Leo. Small sicknesses are possible, but nothing severe. No hospital admissions or surgery for the most part. Accidents may come if you're not careful, or get too hot-headed and daring. If you lead a careful life, there's almost no chance of accidents. However, beware of accidents caused by trivial matters when driving a car.

Luck: Good fortune can be found within the workplace. Your supervisors definitely have your back. Ongoing projects are finally manifesting themselves this year. However, starting a new project may not end so well. An attentive eye is ever crucial. When it comes to taking a risk or gambling, Leo doesn't have much luck in this area. Even if there is, it won't be worth the risk.

Children and companions: Leo will be busy with their children and companions. Some of them may fall into health-related problems that may end up in unexpected hefty bills for you to worry about. Still, don't be too concerned. Your children and companions also have positive prospects waiting for them. Success is smiling at them despite other drawbacks.


Sept 17-Oct 17

Work and finances: This is not a good year for work. Things can get uncomfortable and may not go the way you want them to. If you are considering changing your job, try to refrain from the thought as it could bring chaos rather than joy. Patience is needed more than ever to get yourself through. Someone else may take credit for the work you've put so much effort into. If you're a freelancer, don't overdo yourself as it could get you in trouble. If you have a personal office, do upgrade and fix its electrical system to prevent any accidents. As for finances, you will have lots of expenses, and your money could get swallowed up by investments.

Relationships: Generally, love won't bring Virgo trouble this year. Things will go smoothly for couples. For single people, this is the year you may find true love, though there is a chance of obstacles. Deep down, Virgo have their own personal issues regarding the family, making them unready to be in a relationship. Largely, it's rather about whether you're ready to dive in or not.

Health: Unfortunately, you may get sick easily this year, especially from something that has been passed on by someone else. Don't overwork until you have no time to rest. This can be one cause for deteriorating health, too. Also, be careful of road accidents. Check your own vehicle thoroughly, whether it's a car or a motorcycle. There's a chance for breakdown that may result in an accident. Check the tyres, engine and systems well. Never be careless when you're sitting behind the wheel, or when you're operating any vehicle. Virgo is highly prone to road accident this year. You've been warned!

Luck: Virgo will get most of their good fortune from friends. Success may come through work liaisons. Being a middleman may serve you well this year. Those who are writers, authors, singers and actors may see their career on the rise. Luck will find you through social connection and friends, and not too much from windfalls.

Children and companions: It's as the saying goes, good friends will lead you the right way, and bad ones will lead you to chaos. Surround yourself with good people. Your children and companions have a tendency to spend a lot of money, and the cause of that will be their immediate social circle. This may lead to family troubles due to extra household expenses.


Oct 18-Nov 16

Work and finances: The stars haven't been on your side when it comes to work in the past year. Things may not have progressed in the way you want them to. But now things are beginning to fall into place, and finally it may lead to something worth celebrating. Advancement in work is definitely on the agenda. However, focus on domestic assignments first. There isn't much luck abroad and your path could be filled with obstacles. Too much expectation may end in heartbreak. One thing for certain is, if your work is good, the money will surely flow in.

Relationships: There's nothing too exciting when it comes to romance for Librans. Things will improve towards the end of the year, and even until the middle of next year. If love hasn't been good to you since last year, you will surely see a silver lining come later this year. One advice is to adjust your social skills. If you're a woman, and someone is approaching you, don't take that too seriously. It's just a fling -- lust and not love. It will take time to prove how serious things could get.

Health: Beware of small accidents on the road. Even if you're not driving, accidents may find you anyway. Still, at least it's nothing too serious, and it may not affect your body but rather your belongings. If you're behind the wheel, don't be too hasty. It may cost you money, time and feelings. When it comes to health, you're getting stronger and won't fall to any sickness easily like last year. However, sickness may befall those you respect, such as your parents. Visiting those you know will be your reason to go to the hospital more often than going there for yourself.

Luck: Most of your luck and good fortune will come from work-related causes more than anything else. A partnership is also another source of fortune and success this year.

Children and companions: Your children's education is on a very satisfactory level. If they're working, they're advancing just fine. Your children, companions and even those who work under you are in for a good year. They will be helpful when it comes to work. Their skills will soar. Next year is expected to be even better than this one. There's nothing to worry about at all.


Nov 17-Dec 16

Work and finances: Your cash flow is smooth, but expenses are still pretty high. Systematic management is needed now more than ever. As for work, you have a high tendency towards progress and advancement. Your seniors are willing to support you to your goal. However, don't expect much out of a partnership. It won't go too well as you're in a better position than the other party. Nevertheless, nothing damaging is on the horizon, and this will be considered as a good year for you.

Relationships: Romance is blossoming. For those who are single, this could be the year you find the one. Casual flings can turn into something serious. Those who are already in a relationship could be welcoming a new addition soon. This is a good year to be in love and in a relationship. You lover will be met with success and fortune, or at least gain new friendships from social networks that will manifest into something fruitful. If you're considering marriage, this is quite a good year for that as well.

Health: If there's any sickness to befall Scorpio this year, it will be a persistent one that is making a return to pester you. At least no new disease should be bothering you. Be careful of food allergies, food-related health issues, digestion and your excretory system, but only if you've suffered from any of them before. If you haven't, there should be no serious illness to make you worry. Accidents have a low probability. Still, beware of losing your belongings, especially important and official documents such as your ID card, driver's license, ATM card and more. They will cost you time, but not too much in hassle.

Luck: Your fortunes are on the rise, and definitely on your side. Try taking a chance in some business venture or investment. Good months for you are February, May and November. Don't take chances on June and October.

Children and companions: More good fortune for Scorpio come from their children and companions. If you haven't had any children, this is a good time to start planning. Those who already do, your children will find success in education. They won't let you down. Those who work for you and under you won't bring you troubles. Their work is at a satisfactory level. Any assignment or task that requires teamwork will succeed splendidly.


Dec 17-Jan 14

Work and finances: Work hasn't been so smooth for Sagittarius since last year so there could be some career change or a shift of responsibility this year. Business operators could see low profits. Patience is the virtue. Keep calm and do not expect too much. Merit-making or a month in monkhood could turn your life disasters into something better. Finances can be full of hindrances too so do not lend people money or you might lose it for good. This is also not the right time to start a business. Be careful in work, especially in May, June and October.

Relationships: Your love life could face misunderstandings or arguments in trivial matters. Or sometimes jealousy could happen out of the blue. It is important to be single-minded. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by emotions and anger. This is not a good year to tie the knot. This doesn't mean you should have sex out of the wedlock, this could get you into trouble.

Health: Sagittarians are prone to sickness this year especially to pneumonia, high fever, high blood pressure, coughing, respiratory and lung diseases. Be careful of accidents too. Don't drive drunk and always get enough rest before hitting the road.

Luck: There is not much luck this year. But merit-making could bring more prosperity. Do not jump into reckless gambles otherwise you could end up losing a fortune. Making merit at is recommended or going on a pilgrimage in India. Going vegetarian for a while could alleviate the bad situation.

Children and companions: This is going to be a busy year not just for yourself but your children and companions. If you have none, you are fine. But if you have children and friends, they could bother you with many little things, not serious though. They could be hard to please, stubborn and could become unreasonable. Your subordinates are likely to not be up to your expectations. They could ask for more overtime payments, skip work during long holidays or fake sick to stay away from the office.


Jan 15-Feb 13

Work and finances: After a terrible year for finances, this year is going to get slightly better. But do not expect too much. And do not make a huge investment otherwise your money input could turn into debt. Incomes are not unstable but expenses are. Investment loans should be put on hold. The lack of financial liquidity could bring your company into a court case. Writing a cheque can be dangerous this year. And do not be a guarantor. Do not lend people money. Spend wisely especially in June and July. Capricorn could have secret enemies this year and could be slandered.

Relationships: Romance is bland and falls short of excitement. Due to unhappiness and arguments that took place last year, this year might not be as colourful as you expect. For couples who already have a family, finances may give you a big headache and you have no time to add romance to your relationship. By nature, Capricorn is a careful spender. They are good at managing and juggling money. But this year's economic downturn could make Capricorn more anxious, overshadowing feelings of love and lust.

Health: There is no sign of serious accidents this year, only minor sports injury. In terms of physical health, keep a watchful eye on your stomach and intestines. Overall, it should not be severe. Unavoidable are stress, headaches, bone and back pain. Travelling can be a good way to de-stress.

Luck: You might get some luck from real estate such as from selling your house or car. But there is no easy luck. You can try your hand at becoming a house, land or car agent which requires perseverance but it could earn you profits. Your friends, older brothers and partners could bring you luck. Lucky months are April to November.

Children and companions: There is nothing to worry about when it comes to children. But servants and subordinates might bring trouble. Never ever hire an illegal worker and allow him or her to stay under the same roof. If you accept strangers or aliens to work for you, they could make things difficult. Your subordinates are likely to be less enthusiastic this year. They could make mistakes wherein you must shoulder the responsibility. Be careful when it comes to wage issues which could potentially lead to a court case.


Feb 14-Mar 13

Work and finances: Work is a bed of roses in all aspects this year. There are chances that you might get work-related luck or earn success from things that are related to other countries or things from afar. After April, you could find yourself very lucky in finance. Whatever you do could turn into income.

Relationships: When work goes smoothly and money comes your way, you can expect someone will have a crush on you. There is nothing to worry about in terms of relationships as long as you can keep everything in moderation. Otherwise romance could end up in jealousy, a love triangle and disaster. Those who wish to get married should wait until the year end or next year.

Health: Zero accidents are foreseen for Aquarius this year. No health problems either. This is indeed a terrific year for Aquarius.

Luck: Most luck you can expect this year is a consequence of work because career-related success can be considered one of the best types of luck ever. Other types of luck can be from supportive seniors who are your back-up to get your work done perfectly. They could give you gifts or an inheritance. For those who feel there is no luck, pack your bags and hit the road. Luck might await you there.

Children and companions: Your children might fall into bad health this year. For those whose kids are expecting, it is imperative to take best care of their health. Those with teenage children should make sure they do not have too much nightlife. Otherwise this could affect their study and safety. Take extra care for daughters. Subordinates show no sign of trouble this year. If work is good, you are halfway through.


Mar 14-Apr 13

Work and finances: You can expect fortune and glory this year, with people supporting you towards success. But with that said, there could be some obstacles ahead which means you might have to go through hardship first before your effort pays off. Career hassle could lead to failure. So this year you can expect success on one hand, failure on the other. Which means for Pisces, success could be achieved but could be mixed with failure.

Relationships: Romance isn't that bad, only you do not have time for one another as much as you should. Couples might find themselves too occupied with work that they feel apart. So if you feel like there's not enough fire, keep adding romance to your relationship. Do not let work tear you apart. Time management is an important ingredient for long-lasting love. For singles, 2019 is not a good year for love. Falling for someone this year could mean you might be far apart.

Health: You can avoid work-related exhaustion and stress if you have no other underlying diseases. But for those who suffer one, you have to be more careful. You might faint or suffer dizziness as a consequence of those illnesses. A physical examination is a must. You might also have a fall or have accidents that are caused by you fainting.

Luck: Luck purely comes through work, no easy ways. It's fortune and glory with support from seniors.

Children and companions: Children and companion this year are a mix of good and bad. While it might seem your subordinates support you, they might be faking it or doing it just to lick your boots. So Pisces must see through all this insincerity otherwise you will be fooled by your own inferiors.