A song of stone at 1PROJECTS gallery
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A song of stone at 1PROJECTS gallery

A song of stone at 1PROJECTS gallery
Artists Latthapon Korkaitarkul, right, and Phornphop Sittiruk have collaborated on 'Objective'. (Photo by Preecha Pattara)

Latthapon Korkaitarkul and Phornphop Sittiruk see wonder in the ordinary, and think that you can too. For them, an object as mundane as a stone has endless possibilities. This concept has now been developed into the fascinating new exhibition "Objective", on display at 1PROJECTS gallery until Nov 17.

"Objective" represents a bold attempt by the artists to translate their artistic expression through the use of simple stones. Their idea is that the stones can act as a medium for storytelling in a language that is open to interpretation.

Latthapon and Phornphop art is one of continuous experimentation, research and exploration for newer and more creative possibilities.

Why stones? There are numerous reasons. A stone would appear to be a very limited object, one that is generally seen as rudimentary and valueless. Yet, as the artists show us, it can reveal so much, such as the simple pleasure we fell when our hand touches the material's surface or the gratification caused by the feeling of its weight.

An understanding of the artists' backgrounds will shed more light on their approach and concept.

Latthapon is a conceptual artist whose passion is exploring what makes an object art. He uses ever-changing techniques to change the appearance of objects and attempt to deconstruct the fine line that distinguishes everyday objects from pieces of art.

His work has been featured in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia.

Latthapon holds a bachelor's degree in Fine and Applied Arts from Bangkok University. Phornphop is also conceptual artist, best known for his sculptures and installations. His studio is staffed with a team who assist him in sourcing material. Phornphop uses objects and material from daily life in his work, which is largely influenced by his own experience.

Phornphop participated in the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 and held an artist residency in Gwangju in South Korea. Recently, he held his first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phornphop holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Silpakorn University.

The gallery is open Saturday and Sunday, 1pm-7pm; Monday until Friday is by appointment only.

For more information about the exhibition, visit 1projects.org/events/objective.

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