Covid-19 combating stickers

A sticker project to help Thai medical workers

5Lab, a group of Thai creative technologists behind the Covid-19 tracking website, six noted Thai illustrators and LINE Thailand join forces to create a cute sticker set (B30) to cheer up users during the Covid-19 pandemic. The participating artists are Kantapon "Gongkan" Metheekul, Yossanan "Suntur" Wuthikornsombatkul, Phannapast "Yoon" Taychamaythakool, Nuttapong "Nut.Dao" Daovichitr, Kornsarin "Reenp" Pattarasopak and Vasan "Aitoy" Suwannaka. 5Lab claimed it took them only one week to put this sticker project together. Not only you get to have new stickers to cute up your LINE communication but ­sticker sale will also be donated to The Ramathibodi Foundation to help medical workers combat Covid-19. Buy the "Covidtracker-5Lab" sticker set from Line Store for B30. g

Living with social distancing

A collection of life under Covid-19 climate captured by Bangkok Post photographers

As social distancing is becoming a new norm (whether you like it or not), it also gives photographers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture fascinating scenes of everyday life you wouldn't normally (or never think to) come across. Here are a few.

Bus passengers sit as furthest as they can from each other on a bus stop bench near the Victory Monument.

Eating solo is the new norm at a Thai food court.

Passengers sit two seats away from each other at a bus terminal.

Art of Coffee shop uses a simple rope and pulley system to serve customers coffees while practising social distancing.

The red dots help passengers keep a safe distance from each other while checking-in at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

The usually frantically busy intersections of Victory Monument are empty as people opt to stay at home.

Artists in Residence

Art No Distance Campaign / River City Bangkok / Until Apr 30

While many galleries are temporarily closed until April 30 (damn you, Covid-19!), River City Bangkok encourages you to get creative and create artworks of your own. While you're practising social distance, you can also practise painting or poem-writing and upload it online. Not only will River City Bangkok give you a shout-out by sharing it but your piece may later be picked for an exhibition once things return to normal. It will be on display alongside the works of Jitsing Somboon, Kob B.O.R.E.D, Paintfah, Gongkan, Suntur, Jirayu Koo and many more, who are joining the campaign to lift spirits across Thailand. Your medium can be anything from digital art, painting, photographs, face masks to songs. Publish your works on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #artnodistance and #rcbathome, and tag friends to inspire them to make art, too. Don't forget to write a few words to describe why did you submitted your work to the campaign and make the post public. Outstanding works will be featured on Selected artists will get free access to all RCB exhibitions in 2020.

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