Borderless clinic to take on fight against virus
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Borderless clinic to take on fight against virus

Borderless clinic to take on fight against virus
Borderless Healthcare Group launched the world's first clinic-of-the-future platform, ''. Kylie Anne Binay-an

In the era of the Covid-19, the thought of going to the hospital can bring about fear and trepidation.

Seeing the need to address this issue head on, Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG) recently launched the clinic-of-the-future platform titled to help stamp out community-based cross-infections.

They claim that national lockdowns, contact tracing and mass testing by a number of countries being carried out currently may miss out on a cluster of asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers partly responsible for new surges in infection in countries such as Singapore, Korea and Indonesia and others.

The limited supply of testing kits and the inability of a significant number of countries to carry out mass testing in a short period of time due to lack of protective gear or simply their inability to round up the public for individual testing has led to widespread loopholes in testing which has allowed ubiquitous asymptomatic carriers or undetected symptomatic carriers to continue to cross-infect within their communities and homes. Adding further to cross-infection is the fact that even the most accurate mobile tracking technology will only inform people on the whereabouts of detected symptomatic carriers and not the above-mentioned groups.

Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder and chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group, said that they are currently rolling out a network of doctors gearing up as "Borderless Covid-19 Fighters" in different countries where the clinic-of-the-future platform will be adopted to activate gadget-diagnostic telehealth services via mobile phones, tablets, PCs and even TVs so that top Covid-19 experts can serve the public.

Moreover, he added that besides infection and respiratory management, these top experts will also be able to help support other Covid-19 related issues such as fertility management, immunity-boosting dietary advice, oncology management, psychological wellness and more.

The platform will also allow family physicians in every country to create an online-to-offline "borderless co-care" model with top specialists in the world.

The huge system comes with over 20,000 pages of content authored by recognised doctors and backed by multi-lingual video call centres with optional blockchain and facial recognition capabilities. All of this will help enable consumers around the globe to fight Covid-19 from their homes thanks to a team of multi-disciplinary health and wellness experts from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, China, Europe, Hong Kong, America, Canada and Australia.

Borderless Healthcare Group launched the world's first clinic-of-the-future platform, ''. (Photos Courtesy of Borderless Healthcare Group)

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