Thin is in

Thin is in

Pizza Massilia launches Roman-style pizza


Remember the craze for Cacio e pepe pasta? Forget about that. In 2020, it's all about the cacio e pepe pizza. What could be better than just cheese and pepper on crisp dough? I'll wait…

Part of the newly-launched pizza Romana at Pizza Massilia, the cacio e pepe is an off the menu pizza. Yes folks, you first read it here. "We have been planning and working on pizza Romana from last December. At Pizza Massilia are always creating new pizza trends in Bangkok. Last year we added keto and gluten-free pizzas to our offerings and this year, we are adding pizza Romana, which is Roman-style pizza," says owner Luca Appino.

The "not-so-poor cousin" of the popular Neapolitan-style pizza, pizza Romana originated in Rome (duh). The dough is left to rise for 36-40 hours and is cooked in an oven at 330 or 340 degrees. The crust has micro-holes that make the pizza light and the addition of sunflower oil is a key difference from the Neapolitan dough. It's the oil that gives a Roman pizza crust more weight, flavour and a crispier crunch.

To get the best out of the crust, order the Pizza Mortazza (B390), which has Bologna's Mortadella Pistachio. If you're a lover of anchovies, the Scarola & Alici (B540) or mozzarella, escarole (endive), anchovies and black olives, is for you. The Pancetta porchettata & Friarielli (B540) is for all pork lovers and extra points for those delicious turnip tops. Pro Tip: add chilli flakes atop and you're laughing! The one pizza inspired by the Roman tradition is the Carbonara (B450), with crispy pancetta and egg yolk.

You can order any pizza off the menu in either Roman or Neapolitan style at Pizza Massilia Ruam Rudee or Pizza Massilia Sukhumvit, starting July 1.

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