Still making waves: 10 years of Timo Trunks

TIMO TRUNKS. (Photo: Timo Trunks)

Timo Trunks, Thailand's only men's swimwear brand, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, marking a significant milestone as local swimwear penetrates the international men's beachwear fashion industry.

Timo Trunks founder Pow Foongfaungchaveng said the brand's journey started off as a weekend project.

"I was a design museum curator and also have a solid branding background," said Pow.

"Our design is the most important value we uphold, something we never compromise on."

Timo Trunks are famous for print patterns. Each year, the brand engages in collaborative works with different artists from around the world. That way, the products get a new aesthetic and a fresh story for the collections.

"Every year, more than 50 very good prints are rejected in our studio by our design team, and only the final 12 pieces will go on to show in Florence and Paris. Unlike women, men don't buy swim trunks often, so the print has to punch them in the face for them to love it," Pow said.

Like other business operators facing difficulties caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Timo Trunks is also facing a new challenge. At present, the brand is restructuring the way their products are retailed, though it is not easy as public sentiment seems to change on a daily basis.

"This year we are turning 10 years old and we are happy with how far we have come. We have managed to feature in the most prominent, prestigious department stores as well as the world destination concept stores. However, the post-Covid-19 world will present us with a new challenge."