Empowering women

Masataka Imura.

Earlier this year, Kanebo launched its "I Hope" campaign that empowers women to channel emotions, harness energy and stay strong. The campaign is part of a rebranding with a new concept for its cosmetics counter.

Masataka Imura, director of Asia Group, Kanebo Cosmetics Inc (Japan), and Saengduan Utarwuthipong, manager of strategic planning division of Kanebo Cosmetic (Thailand), unveiled the counter at Paragon Department Store as well as a two-step skincare system at an event titled "Kanebo Life Intelligence".

Skin resilience is compared to how life on Earth has adapted to harsh environmental changes, referred to as life intelligence, which is the concept of the Unity System "On & In".

Guests checked out the essences and creams under this simplified skincare system as well as the autumn/winter 2020 make-up collection.

Saengduan Utarwuthipong

Aujjima Kosuma, Chatdao Sittipol and Anna Glucks.

Nirinya Maneethanyasit.

Praewpreeya Chumsai Na Ayutthaya.

Pannita Snidvongs Na Ayudhaya.

Petchpraw Na Lampang.

Silsupa Apirukthanon.

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