Probably the best collab in the world

This is the first collaborative collection between JYSK and a Thai artist. (Photo courtesy of JYSK)

JYSK, the world famous brand of furniture and home décor from Denmark, has recently launched a special collection to mark its first collaboration with a well-known Thai artist and celebrity.

Called "Under Beautiful Blue Sky By Ploy Chariyaves x JYSK", the collection features nine ceramic and fabric items designed by Ploy Chariyaves, who took an inspiration from her weekend trips to other provinces not far from Bangkok during the rainy season.

Distinctive for its Scandinavian concept and design that fuses simplicity and functionality, the 41-year-old Danish brand is a favourite among those looking for quality furniture with Danish standards for their houses and condos at affordable prices.

The collaborative collection helps add more liveliness to the smallest detail of the house while maintaining the brand's feel of warmth in the comfortable Scandinavian decors presented in the form of a coffee cup with saucer, a place mat, a plant pot with saucer, a dinner plate, a dessert plate, loungewear, a bean bag, a pillowcase, and a tote bag.

All items feature the blue colour to represent an open sky, warmth, stability and relaxation while some of them also come with cold colours such as green, purple, blue-grey, white and other warm colours such as pink, orange and yellow.

According to Ploy, the orange colour is inspired by the cosmos field at Khao Chin Lae in Lop Buri; the butterfly, bug and snail motifs come from the rose apple plantation in Nakhon Chaisi; and the painted pink rose is a reminder of Klang Phana Rose Garden at Khao Yai National Park.

The special collection is available at all 10 branches of JYSK stores and galleries across the country and also via six online channels.


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