A cuppa sushi?

Chubbies gives sushi a surprising and on-the-go twist

Food-in-a-cup is a category that's a hit-or-miss. There are staples and things we wouldn't bat our eyelids at, like ice cream or french fries, and then there's the more risky ones like A&W's waffles in a cup which is quirky but still works in its own way. It's safe to say sushi wasn't one of the things people were demanding to be in a cup. But Chubbies decided: demands and norms, be damned! They're going to do it anyway.

It's a curious name they've chosen for their restaurant. The owner has explained that the reason for the name is not only that they want to take off some of the pretentiousness associated with sushi and make it seem a little more fun, but they also jam-pack the cups with ingredients. Chubbies' selection of salmon, imported from Norway, and seasoned rice are all delectable and fresh. On top of that, they are surprisingly filling. Though the ingredients are jam-packed into an easy-to-hold cup and the serving sizes may seem small, you'll find that one cup is enough for a satisfying meal. And since it's in a cool receptacle, it's easy to eat while on the go.

I went over to their branch in Lido Connect to give their sushi cups a try. Their current special is called the Salmon x unagi (B229), a mix of sweet unagi fish and a ­lightly seared savoury salmon which is a great combo. There's also a slight crunchiness at the bottom of the cup, thanks to the sesame seeds.

From left: Salmon x unagi; Double salmon.

Unagi combo.

If sweet and savoury isn't your vibe and you want to enjoy those flavours separately, each of these fishes has its own dedicated cups. The Unagi combo (B190) is more on the sweet side thanks to the unagi and the tamagoyaki mixed in together. Meanwhile, the Double salmon (B180) is more savoury, and if you're a salmon lover like me, you'll love the fact that they give you a pretty generous amount. If you purely want salmon and nothing else, they're also serving up Salmon sashimi in a cup (B350).

The concept of sushi in a cup is odd but Chubbies, despite having been around for a little over a year, has proven that it works. At a glance, people might underestimate these sushi cups and complain that they're not filling meals or that a nearly B200 price tag for something in a cup is ridiculous. But try Chubbies and those criticisms and doubts may be dashed to pieces. Bottom line: add sushi to food that works well in a cup.

Chubbies, Lido Connect and Central Rama II / Visit fb.com/ChubbiesBKK, order via GrabFood and Line Man.

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