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While online retail is booming in Thailand, BJ Revive Cells led by CEO Ramida Russell Maneesatiean and specialist Manapat Suriyawongthong recently launched its new product "BJ Q10 Plus Citrus Bioflavonoids" to offer a new option for health-conscious shoppers on digital platforms.

The launch event was held at Pacific City Club and attended by celebrities such as Chayarat Na Lampang, Saisom Wongsasuluck and Supansa Somwong. There was also a talk by a group of experts such as Dr Chalida Thaochalee Tantiphipop; CEO Sorachot Ambhanwong from Shop Channel; and nutritionist Asst Dr Akkarch Bumrungpert to share some tips on how to revive dead cells, repair degenerate cells and choose an anti-ageing supplement.

Manapat Suriyawongthong, Saisom Wongsasuluck and Ramida Russell Maneesatiean.

Supansa Somwong, Manapat Suriyawongthong and Tamamas Tangchitwattanakul.

"For many years, I underwent in-vitro fertilisation and had to take hormone replacement therapy, resulting in my health getting worse. I suffered from an ovarian tumour and anaemia. The doctor encouraged me that all of this was just the side effects, not dangerous. But finally, I had to cut the uterus and received hormone replacement when I was in my 40s. Then, I took anti-ageing treatments to rejuvenate my health, but the cost was high. I teamed up with specialist Manapat Suriyawongthong to produce our own dietary supplements that have combined everything in one pill," Ramida said.

Sorachot Ambhanwong.

Akkarch Bumrungpert.

Chalida Thaochalee Tantiphipop.

Designed around the concept of "Beyond Beauty Is To Be Healthy", BJ Q10 Plus Citrus Bioflavonoids contains citrus bioflavonoids, rice bran oil, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, zinc, selenium and l-cysteine imported from Japan to help boost metabolism and reduce fat storage.

"A plant-based diet can help reduce inflammation that leads to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Q10 can increase antioxidant protection and detoxify our body, while vitamin C is a popular choice for a new normal lifestyle," Chalida said.

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