An expedition of flavour

Karmakamet Conveyance's new menu takes you on a journey

Chef Jutamas "Som" Theantae's new menu at Karmakamet Conveyance takes you on an expedition, mainly her expedition. However, that is not to say that you are not filled with memories of your own while on this journey of food and discovery.

"I link the places I remember and when I go somewhere it is when I need something. I'm never really interested in what it is or where it was from. I'm always only interested in the taste. The Expedition menu is from places in my life; things pulled from my memory," she says.

What immediately strikes you is the lack of a physical menu, as chef Som wants you to approach the Expedition menu with an open mind. Remember Karmakamet Conveyance's principle is "Allow things to happen the way they are." We shall ignore the grammatical error, but point taken.

What helps you understand the menu better is something that the chef has written, that she reads out at the beginning of the meal. "I take my time to go on expeditions in search of something consciously or unconsciously, to take in a moment, to stop and look, to go back to the same places, to cook or dine alone, and to do things in different ways… the fear slowly fades away. When taking things as they come, I share with you my expedition, through these dishes. Now, this moment is all yours, your time, your space, your thoughts, all this good. Enjoy your expedition."

To add to your journey, there is a moving feature, mainly music and a movie of sorts of places chef Som has been that is projected on the white wall of Karmakamet Conveyance. "You will understand how they're really relate to the menu and it explains everything," she adds.

There is no explanation during the dinner and neither at the end about the menu, hence this is a meal best enjoyed with someone or a group of people. It is fun to guess the ingredients of each dish as it is placed before you and memories that may flood your senses. This menu is more about the concept than just the food.


Karmakamet Conveyance, Sukhumvit 49 / The "Expedition" Tasting Menu, 10 courses for B2,490 ++ (Promotion B1,990++ until May) / Call 02-004-3997, email, visit

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