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Plant-based luncheon meat comes to town


Just when I thought that plant-based products were done replicating real meat, comes OmniMeat Luncheon.

Luncheon dumplings with truffle oil flavour. (Photos: OmniFoods)

OmniFoods, plant-based meat analogue under Hong Kong-based social venture Green Monday, has announced the arrival of OmniMeat Luncheon in leading supermarkets and restaurants across Thailand. The OmniMeat Luncheon formula, according to OmniFoods, is a blend of non-GMO soy and wheat, with no added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or MSG.

Though all this fake luncheon meat requires is bit of pan-frying, diners will be able to taste plant-based dishes at Lao Teng, Vistro, Bangkok City Diner, Salada Organic Kitchen and Fitmeal. Lao Teng Restaurant in Yaowarat will serve vegan dim sum ­dishes, including Steamed OmniMeat Luncheon dumplings with truffle oil flavour (B110) and Deep-fried beancurd roll with OmniMeat Luncheon (B110). Vistro on Sukhumvit 24, will offer the Shawarma Mia (B340), while Bangkok City Diner, an American-style vegan restaurant near BTS Chong Nongsi, will feature the OmniMeat Luncheon classic mac & cheese (B200).

But that's not all. All five branches of Salada Organic Kitchen will offer a Thai-styled Spicy fried rice with OmniMeat Luncheon (B199), which is just one of the 10 plant-based dishes with OmniMeat on the menu. Fitmeal on Thong Lor 11 will serve a freshly-made OmniMeat English club sandwich (B230) and OmniMeat Chinese wonton soup (B230), of which delivery is also available.

If you rather experiment with it in your kitchen, OmniMeat Luncheon (240g for B170) and OmniMeat Strip (150g for B115) are available at select branches of Central Food Hall and Tops supermarkets. 


Classic mac & cheese.

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