Sasin offering new part-time PhD course

The part-time doctoral programme is accepting applications until June 30. (Photo courtesy of Sasin School of Management)

The Sasin School of Management has launched the Sasin DBA (Doctor of Business Administration). This is a new, part-time doctoral programme for experienced leaders with a strong desire to become real-world researchers and reflexive practitioners.

Highlights of the Sasin DBA:

  A part-time, blended learning model to ensure productive use of time for busy leaders. The curriculum features six online courses (study anytime, anywhere) during the first two years of the programme. Each course includes interactive research workshops at Sasin (usually on weekends). Each candidate's focus during the third year will be on completing, presenting, and defending their research thesis.

  With a focus on real-world projects, the programme emphasises evidence-based research to develop practical solutions for real-world problems.

  Sasin DBA candidates will drive transformation through research as they will be equipped with the research frameworks and skills they need to lead transformation in their organisations.

  The programme will be a stepping stone to C-suite positions. The programme is suitable for senior managers, policymakers, independent consultants, professionals and working academics preparing themselves for advanced leadership and advisory positions. All applicants must have more than 10 years of management experience.

According to Prof Ian Fenwick, the director of the Sasin School of Management, Sasin DBA will equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to rigorously investigate and solve complex real-world problems to thrive in these turbulent times.

"Sasin DBA graduates will become real-world researchers who investigate problems and scenarios in businesses, industries, and professions. They will systematically collect evidence and use their research results to improve decision-making, design interventions, and create robust solutions," he said.

Applications should be submitted by June 30. Visit or call 085-123-6832.

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