Glutton for punishment

Bang Bang Burgers pack a punch

Bang Bang Burgers. (Photo: Siroj Pairomahakij)

With Bangkok's burger scene exploding at its seams, it pays if you enter the ring with a bang. Bang Bang Burgers on Sukhumvit 11 comes with pluck.

The sports bar and burger joint has a boxing theme running through it, complete with boxing posters and a punching bag. "This is because the owners wanted it to be American, original and all about boxing. They've also conceptualised all the names of the burgers to follow the theme, so you have something more fun than what you normally see like 'bacon cheeseburger'," says manager Philipp Jockusch.

With the burgers named after boxers or boxing terminology, the one that stands out the most is The Duke (B290), which is a cheeseburger (Duke means to punch). Served in a brioche bun from Conkey's, the burger is a mix of grass-fed New Zealand chuck and Australian wagyu with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion and a "Bang Bang sauce". I love a wet burger and the sauce, a mix of mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickle juice, Worcestershire sauce and other condiments, made it just that.

 Iron Mike (B155), which can also be a double patty should you wish, is named after, you guessed it -- Mike Tyson. A classic American smashburger, which uses Hawaiian bread from a Nonthaburi bakery, is served with a "Magic sauce". The bacon cheeseburger aka Cassius (B32) is named after Cassius Clay and comes with smoked bacon and a G.O.A.T sauce, which is mustard, mayo, sour cream and other condiments. The Raging Bull burger is named after the famous 1980 movie by Martin Scorsese on Italian-American boxer Jake LaMotta. To depict the "rage", the burger has jalapeños.

If beef ain't your thang, try the Chicky-Chicky Bang Bang (B260), which is a fried chicken burger with a "knock-out sauce". The Angry Bird (B280) is the same as the burger above but has a tangier and spicer in flavour.

All the beef is home ground daily and the patties are a tad looser than most. They can also be swapped for lamb (+B120) if that's what you prefer. I like the gaminess of the smashed lamb burger, which uses lamb shoulder. Also on request and on their delivery menu is a lettuce wrap burger (B295).

From left: The Duke; A lamb smashburger.

The Iron Mike.

The best thing about Bang Bang Burgers, and I do not say this lightly, is the plant-based smashburger (probably the only place in town doing a veggie smashburger, too). The Green Earth (B320) is the tastiest processed patty I've had in Bangkok. Fry's patties come from Down Under and are seasoned with an array of spices and sautéed onion. No taste of cardboard here!

Of course, no burger is complete without fries and there are three to choose from. From Truffle & Parmesan fries (B185), to Larb fries with aioli (B185) to Straight cut (B100), which all come with the skins on to make it tastier and healthier. There are also Jalapeño croquette (B190), Onion rings (B150), Chicken wings (B190) with mojo sauce and Pork scratchings (B85) to be had as sides. And, there are a few sauces to go with the sides -- #insaucewetrust.

Bang Bang Burgers cater to everyone, children included. The Little Champ ­Burger, which is a beef smashburger, American cheese, sautéed onions, mayo and ketchup, comes with French fries and mineral water (B165).

In these times, Bang Bang Burgers is definitely bang for your burger!

Bang Bang Burgers, 30, Sukhumvit 11 / Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am-11pm, call 092-596-4973, visit

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