Tea on Miss T
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Tea on Miss T

Cha-Am's new foodie destination

Tea on Miss T

Despite the name, to say that Miss T Cafe & Restaurant is just another eatery is definitely selling it short. Given the eight rai of land it sits on, various activities and beachfront location, Miss T is a worthwhile destination in itself.

Located in Cha-am, the restaurant serves savoury Thai dishes, international recipes and fusion fare, along with ample sea breeze, beautiful sunsets, live music and plenty of photo ops so you can easily while away an evening here. I visited Miss T before the current Covid surge to give you all the tea (lame pun very intended).

Having opened in December, Miss T sits on land originally meant for a new hotel -- thanks to Miss Rona the hotel plan is on hold -- and is the brainchild of The Palayana Hua Hin's managing director Sumalee "Twinkle" Khurana. Design-wise Miss T derives inspiration from different corners of the world from Twinkle's own travelling experiences, which is reflected in the menu, too.

As you walk along the wooden path, flanked by mowed grass fields, you'll see the true scale of the place. There are different settings to suit various occasions. You can plop yourself on triangle bean bags in the yard for an easy night. The indoor dining area has floor-to-ceiling glass windows to give diners ample view from the vast front yard down to the horizon. Opt for a table under the thatched roof for a beachy vibe. Or dine al fresco in one of the striped cabanas that are dotted across the front yard.

While waiting for your order to arrive, head over to the beachfront side of the property to satiate your appetite for IG shots with various props on offer from surfer boards, "a door to nowhere", a swing set, a cocoon-like chair and more. A shipping container, converted into a bar, has been placed near the beachfront.

I opted for air-con comfort inside the indoor dining area, which feels spacious, airy and casual. Miss T offers a full-on 70+ page menu so you're likely to be spoilt for choice.

Get your camera ready for Kung thung (B990) for when prawns, squid, corns and mussels ride a savoury wave of nam prik phao out of a silver bucket and onto your plate. Although it looks fiery red, it isn't scourging hot on the palate. The sauce contains Thai seasonings and a hint of oyster sauce, as well. Mussels are plumb and fresh with a bit of sweetness for a delicious contrast. Squid rings aren't overcooked and are bouncy enough to chomp on. You can really dig in, hands first, as gloves are provided.

Spaghetti carbonara kaprao (B220++) is a fusion without any confusion in my book. The zesty basil sauce and the salty cut of bacon come through the creamy and delicious carbonara sauce.

From left: Khao soi chicken; Spaghetti carbonara kaprao; Taro mor kaeng latte and Miss T Cake n shake.

Miss T's take on Khao soi (B240) leaves me with an impression of being lighter in consistency and more aromatic than usual. I usually find khao soi to have a touch of sweetness but this dish tastes a tad spicier, which I welcome, in addition to its fancy presentation with a circle of fried noodle and edible flowers, begging you to photograph it.

If you think carbonara kaprao is curious, you should try the Taro mor kaeng latte (B190), which contains two shots of espresso to perk you up along with palm sugar cream, coconut cream cheese, taro and fried shallot. Judging by its sheer size, someone with a small appetite can have it as an afternoon dessert. Another indulgent drink that doubles as dessert is Miss T Cake n shake (B220), which is basically chocolate cake, three scoops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce combined. YOLO.

If you plan to get away from Bangkok to Hua Hin or Cha-am, Miss T should definitely be on your itinerary. Go with a big appetite. Open daily from 10am-7pm, but opens until 9pm from Fridays to Sundays.

Miss T Cafe & Restaurant, 1515 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am, Phetchaburi / Visit fb.com/Misstcafehuahin, misstcafe.com.

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